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How to get clear and white skin – ” Contents1 skin2 How to get a clear and white skin3 tips to get white and clear skin4 referencesskinMany people want to lighten their skin for several reasons, including hiding sun damage, as the skin can be lightened by natural or chemical methods, but it is not possible to radically change the color of the skin, and skin products must be chosen carefully, And if possible, it likes to consult a specialist doctor for this and you can choose home remedies, use skin lighting products or good skin care to get a clear and white skin. [1]How to get fair and white skinTherapeutic methods of white skinFor white skin in a short time, he likes to use medical methods, including:[1]Avoid products that contain harmful ingredients: such as mercury and stimulants; Because some of the chemical components found in these topical creams are absorbed into the bloodstream in the body, as natural whitening factors and the use of long periods of time lead to the appearance of allergies, premature aging and red skin of the skin due to harmful sunlight .Use a lighting skin cream: in case a creamy cream is purchased, you should choose a cream that contains cogkic acid, glycolic acid, anal acid, alpha hydr

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oxy acids, vitamin C or arbotin. If prescribed by a dermatologist, the cream, which contains rhinoids or hydroquinone, is considered the strongest creams.Chemical peeling: where chemical peeling advises dermatologists who strive to peel the dark outer skin and treats microbial clots in the blood vessels to get the skin clear, reveals the light-colored skin, as it helps to treat acne scars, brown spots and other pigmentation problems.Natural ways to lighten the skinWhile some natural ways to lighten the skin come, including:Honey: Honey is considered a natural ingredient to whiten the skin, because it is very useful for medical and cosmetic issues, so honey is not limited to health, but also white and moisturizes the skin, which makes the skin brighter, as honey Removes dead skin cells, reduces acne scars and prevents spots from appearing age; Indeed, it contains antibacterial, and to get a clear white skin, this method can be followed:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of mashed avocado.One teaspoon of plain to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl to make a soft paste.Put the mixture on the skin for 20-30 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.Repeat t

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his process regularly.Honey and strawberries: The mixture of honey and strawberries is ideal for skin whitening, and the method is:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.10-6 fresh to prepare:Mash the strawberries, then mix with honey to make a thick paste.Put the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water, followed by cold water.Repeat this process regularly.Tomatoes: tomatoes (tomatoes) are the most popular and effective skin care, especially when bleaching the skin. Where it can be found at any time, which is materially inexpensive, and during a recipe to whiten the skin using red tomatoes: [2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of tomato juice.1 tablespoon of yogurt.1 tablespoon of oat to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a small bowl to make a thick paste.Put the paste on the skin, neck for half an hour, then wash it off with water.Repeat this process regularly.Note: You can drink a cup of tomato juice to get a more beautiful, shiny and flawless skin.The mixture of cucumber, lemon and water: cucumber is a formulation component of the body, while lemon is based on the regeneration of the skin, restoring the balance of the digestive system, elim

inating the causes of the appearance of blemishes and youthful love. Ace For the mint, it helps to regulate indigestion and eliminate any internal infection in the body. And the way it works:[3]ingredients:One liter of water.A pill of cucumber.One lemon seed.A handful of mint leaves.kettle.How to prepare:Cut the cucumber and lemon into the jug, then add the mint leaves.Pour the water over the jug, then cool it down.Drink this mixture throughout the day.Repeat this process daily to get rid of body toxins and get healthy skin for a long time.Coconut oil: Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer for the skin because of its antibacterial properties that make the skin clean and free from infection. Coconut oil also contains anti-oxidants that correspond to free radical damage, which makes the skin glow and healthy, and its method is:[3]ingredients:An appropriate amount of fresh coconut oil.Cotton to prepare:Heat the coconut oil, then apply it to the skin with the tips of your fingers.Massage the skin for one to two minutes, leave it on for several minutes, then wipe off the excess oil with a cotton ball.Repeat this process twice a day.Tips for white and fair skinThese a

re some tips for white skin: [4]Washing and peeling the skin: It helps to remove the outer layer of the skin or damaged from the harmful sun, and you should avoid excessive exfoliation; It leads to an increase in natural oils in the skin, which makes it oily.Use of foundation cream: it makes the foundation cream shiny and perfect. Children’s powder can be used instead of foundation. Because it is light, covers the pores of the skin, and some of them give the skin white color.Do not be exposed to the sun: it is best to exercise in the gym or go out in the morning or evening at sunset, and wear hats with brims if necessary, and sunscreen should be used daily even if the weather is cloudy .Quit smoking: where smoking must be cited; it changes the color of the skin to dark color, and it appears easily in young people, and sunspots can appear and usually appear to older people.Following a healthy diet: it is recommended to practice a healthy routine that makes the skin glow and shine, so the daily healthy routine must be maintained, so the health system must contain vitamin C; Because it produces collagen, a protein that helps the growth of cells and blood vessels, which makes the skin

strong.Go to a dermatologist: you should consult a specialist to lighten the color of the skin, where the necessary is running, and behaves with prescription drugs that restore the normal color of the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to get clear and white skin

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