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How to get pure skin – ” Contents1 Pure skin2 How to get pure skin3 referencesPure skinHuman skin is exposed to many changes that occur due to age and exposure to many different factors; With time, it becomes faded, and it is raised by impurities, pimples and adulthood often plays a role in the change of the skin, the appearance of pimples and pimples and teenagers suffer from acne more than any other category, but they can appear For anyone, at any age, pimples and white heads are two types of acne, and acne causes great concern for women who have volatile hormones, so the skin must be taken care of periodically using natural treatments and different medical preparations to make them bright , pure and free of impurities, and in this article we will learn how the governorate is on the purity of the skin, its freshness. [1]How to get pure skinTreat gently with the skinThe use of strong exfoliators and products that contain chemicals such as alcohol can cause dryness and irritation of the skin and ultimately exacerbate the condition, so it is recommended to use nice products on the skin such as a wash without alcohol, and not to use hot or very cold water on the skin, the lukewarm or lukewarm water is pref

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erable to clean the face, and it is advisable not to scrub the skin strongly; Because this causes the spread of bacteria that contribute to the appearance of acne, and the wash designed should be used specifically for the type of skin; To increase its possibilities of purification from impurities, gently penetrate the skin, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. [1]Washing the faceIt is important to take care of washing the face daily; To get rid of the dirt that has been stuck throughout the day, but instead of leaving its cleaning before going to sleep, it is recommended to wash it once you get home, and when it comes to choosing the ideal wash that does not cause irritation It is recommended to buy a product made of natural ingredients, or dedicated to sensitive skin, and both options, they are considered more suitable for acne and pimples. [2]Pimples tamperingMany try to get rid of white heads with pressure on them and remove what is inside, but this does not help to get rid of them because it will cause inflammation of the area, leaving the scars in their place and the appearance of More acne, And to get rid of pimples quickly recommends applying a mixture of apple cider vi

negar and water on the skin, because apple cider vinegar helps to kill unwanted bacteria, and if used with a dilute concentration, it can reduce skin irritation. [2 ]]sun protectionThere is a common belief that sun baths filter the skin, but this is not true, because exposure to UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles and premature aging, so it is not recommended to take a sun bath for a long time, and it is necessary to be cautious when exposed to ultraviolet rays if the doctor had prescribed the person rinnide, or other types of acne medications, because these drugs increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun and spend some time Outside, it is recommended to use sunscreen, wear a large hat to the brim, sunglasses, clothing that covers the skin and include most of the tips. Dermatology related to delaying the signs of aging on the warnings of excessive sun exposure. [1]Use sunscreenIt is recommended to use sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful UV rays, and it is best that the cream is applied to the skin that will be exposed to the sun 15 minutes before going out, and it should be noted that it is necessary The person was outside the house, swimming, and in

order to have a healthy and pure skin, the person must protect themselves from the sun. [1]Get rid of psychological pressureTension and psychological pressure affect the lives of many people, high blood pressure, headaches and a lot of food; To get rid of tension some of the products of psychological pressure, it may seem calm, balanced while you are tense, tired, and it appears on the skin in the form of acne due to stress that increases the production of oil, and thus makes the skin is more red, inflammable and to get rid of psychological pressure can be practiced some activities that reduce it, such as relaxation, yoga, walking and organization of the daily picture. [2]enough sleepLack of sleep causes stress, which leads to an increase in cortisol, which leads to an increase in oil glands, which causes acne, and although drink coffee, and place a good eye cream improves the appearance the next morning, but the defects resulting from a Few hours of comfort are more difficult to hide, and to solve it, it is recommended to determine the eternity watch to sleep, which thus gets eight hours of rest, relaxation. [2]Eat a healthy dietThere are many foods and syntax that maintain the h

ealth of the skin, and its purification, including: [3]Eat oily fish: such as salmon or tuna, where the fish meat provides the body with biotin, which belongs to the group of vitamin B and produces fatty acids, and contributes to the metabolism of amino acids, and biotin deficiency can cause skin peeling.Chia seeds: Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain cell membranes by protecting the skin and moisturizing them, and chia seeds are rich in these fatty acids.Sunflower seeds: these small seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E and help protect the skin from free radical damage to the environment and the body, and can harm additional free radicals in the body’s cells, including skin cells.Drink green tea: whether iced or hot, because of its many benefits, including improving endurance, maintaining bone health, prevention and treatment of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and green tea also contains strong antioxidants that help limit dermatitis , grains. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to get pure skin

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