How to get rid of acne and its effects

1 The problem of acne

How to get rid of acne and its effects – ” Contents1 The problem of acne2 Healthy habits that prevent the appearance of acne3 How to get rid of acne and its effects4 ReferencesThe problem of acneAcne is a common problem that affects the skin, especially the facial area, and this problem with oily skin in adolescence often suffers, given the hormonal changes that occur to women and men. This problem has a number of solutions; As a dermatologist can prescribe the appropriate medication for the patient, but these medications or acne treatments can be high, which calls some to seek alternative solutions using natural substances. [1]Most types of fats and creams used to treat the problem of acne cause dry skin and can help get rid of acne, but there is a new problem, which is the effects of acne, in addition to that, these products contain chemicals that can harm the skin instead of treating it. Before we address to talk about the solutions of this problem, we will talk about the issues used to prevent acne to drink enough water per day, and this amount should not be less than two liters per day. [2]Healthy habits that prevent the appearance of acneTo get rid of the appearance of youth and reduce the reasons that caused them,

2 healthy habits that prevent the appearance of acne

you need to follow a set of healthy habits that protect their organizers:[3][4]Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily and insert them into the diet followed.Reduce nuts and chocolate.Avoid as much as possible while eating stimuli such as tea, coffee and nescafĂ©.Eat foods rich in fiber and vitamins.Avoid foods that have a high percentage of fat.How to get rid of acne and its effectsTo get rid of acne and its effects, any of the following recipes can be done; Where these recipes have proven to be successful in eliminating acne and its effects. [5]CARBOUR: This is a plant that contains a substance that sterilizes the skin, and is used by soaking camphor leaves in boiling water for four hours, then filtering the water and using it as a daily wash of the skin, at a rate of speed twice a day.Yeast: A tablespoon of yeast powder mixed with a tablespoon of sulfur powder – available in pharmacies – is used, and this mixture is added a tablespoon of liquid milk and it is better to be fresh, then add a few drops of sterile water to knead , and after a soft dough that formed on the face for a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes if there are a lot of pills, then rinsed the face with warm water,

3 How to get rid of acne and its effects

this process is repeated once a week.Mud: A clay mask can be made by mixing three tablespoons of clay with one and a half tablespoons of good milk, and three tablespoons of potato juice, then mix the ingredients well until a soft paste is placed on the face for twenty minutes, after which the face is rinsed with warm water.Glycerin: equal amounts of glycerin – available in pharmacies – are combined with potato juice, and a little salt, then the mixture is placed on the face for fifteen minutes, and this method is used daily, it will eliminate acne and its effects.Lettuce leaves: lettuce leaves are boiled and some drops of olive oil are added to it, and then they are used as a facial mask that protects the skin from the spread of grains and would get rid of them.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to get rid of acne and its effects

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