How to get rid of acne in the back

1 acne in the back

How to get rid of acne in the back – ” Contents1 Acne in the back2 How to get rid of back acneAcne in the backAcne is considered a common and widespread disease between men and women, because it is one of the most annoying things, it may seem acne on the face, chest, back and shoulders, and since the skin on the back is more powerful than other areas of the Body, and it is full of glands that secrete fat, especially for people with oily skin, the treatment of back pills is more difficult than treating the face or a boring appearance, because it leaves traces and hole in the skin. So we will mention in this article several recipes to get rid of acne in the back.How to get rid of acne in the backsea saltThe use of salt masks is one of the effective methods of treatment of acne, because it prevents the growth of bacteria and kills them, and thus accelerate the elimination of grains, and to apply the recipe must follow the following steps:Prepare a bath with hot water and add half a cup of salt.The body in the bath is soaked for a period of twenty to thirty minutes.The body is dried with a clean towel, and it is best to leave the body until it dries alone if the skin is oily.The body is applied with a moisturizer.The reci

2 How to get rid of acne in the back

pe is repeated twice a day and results can be seen after the first week of use.OatsOatmeal absorbs excess oil in the skin, as it opens the pores of the skin and cleanses it of dirt, so it is used for skin that suffers from acne, and for the application of the recipe should follow the following steps:Grind three tablespoons of oats.Place the ground oats in a bath of warm water and mixed well until the oats are deposited at the bottom of the basin.The body is soaked in the bath for about half an hour.The recipe is repeated daily to achieve the desired cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is one of the best natural remedies for acne, because it balances the acidity of the skin and is an antibacterial and various skin infections. For the application of the recipe, the following steps must be sold:Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water.The mixture is placed in a spray bottle (spray).Sprinkle the mixture daily on the back seeds and leave until it dries.Wash the back with warm water.mintPeppermint works as an anti-inflammatory and is considered a natural residence for pain and swelling resulting from acne, and for the application of the bank, the following step

s should be followed:Grind an appropriate amount of mint leaves.Add a little water to the mint and continue grinding to obtain a firm paste.Put on the back and leave for about fifteen minutes.Wash the back with warm water.Repeat the recipe two to three times a day.Was the article useful?

How to get rid of acne in the back

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