How to get rid of acne permanently

1 topical therapy

How to get rid of acne permanently – ” Contents1 Topical therapy2 Treatment procedures to get rid of acne3 Natural recipes to treat acne4 apple cider vinegar5 cinnamon and honey6 referencesTopical treatmentMany topical treatments that do not require a prescription such as: [1]Sticking teeth: toothpaste can be used by placing it on the grains to dry them, but this can cause irritation and for this it is recommended to use creams intended for acne.Ryzorosinol: It is used to treat black and white heads and is also used to treat dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.Perooxide: This element fights bacteria and reduces the production of oils in the sebaceous glands in the skin, and also works as a scrub for the skin, as it accelerates the process of regeneration of skin cells and removes pores.Acid Salicia: It treats black and white heads, as it prevents blisters from closing, in addition to that, it treats infections and swelling, is used as a treatment for fungus, prevents the closure of pores and also stimulates the production of new cells in the skin.Sulfur: This is a common treatment and has been used for centuries to treat acne, psoriasis and eczelmann as it removes black and white heads, and it also slowly oxidizes to becom

2 treatment procedures to get rid of acne

e antibacterial properties.Retinoid: It treats closed pores, which is one of the acidic forms of vitamin A, and works as a chemical scrub.Azilic acid: It strengthens the cells, reduces the growth of bacteria and stops the production of excess oils.Therapeutic procedures to get rid of acneThere are many medical treatments for acne, some of which are taken orally and some of which are carried out through the use of devices, and these treatments are available only with the prescription, and are used in medium to severe cases, and these treatments are included: [2]Antibiotics: antibiotics are used with topical medications when topical treatments alone are not given the results required for treatment, and these antibiotics fight bacteria and infection from within.Birth control pills: these pills regulate hormone levels, which improves acne in women, but they are not used during pregnancy and should be taken after consulting a doctor.Isotritin: This is a strong and acting drug towards, it can cause undesirable side effects, and for this reason it is not suitable for everyone.Laser therapy: The acne condition improves this treatment, because the laser light reduces the amount of bacteria

3 Natural recipes to treat acne

in the skin, which causes acne.Chemical peeling: this treatment removes the top layer of the skin, and this also removes the black and white heads.Natural recipes for the treatment of acneapple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is one of the strong and anti-bacterial substances, and that is why it is used to treat acne, because it balances the acidity in the skin, which makes it difficult for bacteria to reproduce, which reduces the production of excess oils , and for a use, this method is followed ::[3]Method:Mix apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 3: 1, that is, placing one part of apple cider vinegar with 3 parts of water.The face is washed with this solution and left to dry.Repeat the method several times a day, but the face should be washed thoroughly after each use.A cream is used to moisturize the face to prevent dry skin.Cinnamon and honeyHoney is somewhat sticky substances, while cinnamon is one of the hot substances, but when mixed, they form a deadly mixture of bacteria, and for this, they can be used to treat acne, and honey is also an antibiotic, and this is what makes It fights bacteria and germs, and to prepare this mask, follow the following method:[3]ingred

4 apple cider vinegar

ients:Two tablespoons of honey.One teaspoon of cinnamon.Facial paper towels.Method:Wash the face with water.Mix the ingredients well, then put the mask on the face.Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.The face is washed well with water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to get rid of acne permanently

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