How to get rid of acne signs

1 cinnamon mask and nutmeg

How to get rid of acne signs – ” Contents1 cinnamon and nutmeg maskBaking soda mask (baking soda)3 green tea and oat mask4 lemon masksThe problem of acne has become the eternal problem faced by teenagers and adolescents to complete with some until they reach the age of thirty. Where this problem was faced by our fathers and grandparents on our part, and our children will also face their religion of puberty. But this problem can be solved in many ways, whether it is natural methods or medical treatment methods. But the real problem lies in the scars and effects of acne after being treated, and below we will learn together some natural home blends that are applied as masks on the face to treat the problem of scars caused by acne.Cinnamon and nutmeg maskThis mask is one of the strong and effective masks for the treatment and elimination of the scarring that acne leaves on the face, and also treats facial burns resulting from exposure to the sun, as it opens the color of the skin and its Natural color returns to it quickly and its components are:One teaspoon of cinnamon (students).A teaspoon of nutmeg.Or half a teaspoon of natural honey.Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.Mix the ingredients well with a clean tool

2 baking soda mask (baking soda)

to form a soft paste, applied to the entire face (clean), while avoiding contact with the mouth and eyes, and leave it for half an hour, and in case of skin allergy , it is not applied for more than 10 minutes and repeated twice a week to get the results of its axiety. This mask acts as an anti-bacterial, viruses and fungi that in turn cause skin infections. It also prevents the destruction of healthy cells in the skin, removes impurities, cleanses the skin and renews collagen in the skin, thanks to its effective and oxidizing components.Baking soda mask (sodium bicarbonate)We mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a little sterile water to produce a paste applied to the skin and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Then we rinse the skin, repeating the mask twice a week to get excellent results. This mask is very effective in treating scarring, as it gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin.Green tea and oat maskGreen tea is characterized by its ability to brighten the complexion and purify it from impurities and scars.How to prepare this mask consists of mixing a quantity of filtered green tea with oatmeal to form a homogeneous paste, applied as a mask on the skin for half an hour, then elimin

3 green tea mask and oats

ates warm water. Return twice a week.Lemon MaskLemon is known as its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, as its application is on the skin, and for a quarter of an hour once a week helps to lighten dark spots, unify skin color and get rid of acne scars.Was the article useful?

4 lemon mask

How to get rid of acne signs

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