How to get rid of blackheads

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How to get rid of blackheads – “Contents1 blackheads2 causes of blackheads3 symptoms of blackheads4 How to get rid of blackheadsblackheadsBlackheads are pills or impurities that appear on the skin of the face, or any other area of the body from time to time; Due to the blockage of hair follicles, it is called blackhead because its surface is dark in color, and it must be treated continuously and immediately; So that it does not spread and become a chronic problem. There are many natural and medical methods to get rid of this problem and a person can follow the way he prefers.Causes of blackheadsThe production of the body of a large amount of oils, so it is one of the common problems in people with oily skin.Ayclasys that cause acne on the skin.Lack of attention to personal hygiene and washing regularly, so that germs and dirt accumulate on the skin leading to the enslavement of hair follicles, and thus the appearance of blackheads.Buy hair follicles because of not getting rid of dead skin cells.Hormonal changes that cause an increase in the production of oil on the skin, such as those that occur in adolescence, during menstruation or while taking birth control pills.Take certain types of medications, such as ste

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roids, lithium or androgens.Symptoms of blackheadsIt is easy to determine and identify blackheads when it affects the skin, because of its dark color, and its light appearance, in addition to that, it does not cause pain due to its inflammation such as pimples.How to get rid of blackheadsThere are many different ways to get rid of blackheads, and the person only has to choose one to get rid of them, and from these methods:Facial exfoliation with a peeled cream to get rid of germs, dirt and dead skin cells, peeling twice a week, or the person can make a natural use peeled with the help of sugar and lemon juice, and rub the skin with it twice a week.Apply the face with a little honey, because it tightens the face and eliminates blackheads; Thanks to its woman and face adhesion, in addition to this, it has anti-bacterial properties that eliminate bacteria that cause blackheads.A natural home mask is designed to eliminate blackheads, and it contains equal amounts that are estimated with a tablespoon of milk, honey and rose water, so that it eliminates blackheads and filters the skin of impurities.Reduce the use of cosmetics and sebaceous creams that contain a high percentage of oils, b

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ecause it makes the skin more oily, and thus increases blackheads, so you should choose preparations for oily skin.The work of a sarcophagus for the face; It helps to open the pores; Thus, the ease of getting rid of blackheads, but you must avoid the exit or exposure to dirt and germs after doing so, so it can lead to a bad condition and intensification.Was the article useful?

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How to get rid of blackheads

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