How to get rid of blackness under the eye

1 black under the eye

How to get rid of blackness under the eye – “Contents1 black under the eye2 Simple ways to get rid of black under the eye3 Get rid of the darkness under the eye with vegetables4 referencesBlackness is under the eyeThe eye is a mirror of the face, so taking care of its health and beauty is important for all , such as the problem of blackness under the eyes, which is a problem that has several reasons and the most important of which is tired and exhausted, but it has reasons for several others; Genetics, old age, dry skin and tension, as well as an unhealthy diet, but although this problem is not considered a serious or severe problem, and can be treated at home. [1]Simple ways to get rid of under eye darknessTo get rid of blackness under the eye, there are simple home methods under everyone’s reach, including:[2]Almond oil: Almond oil is one of the best home recipes to treat the delicate skin around the eye, and using this oil continuously and permanently will eliminate the dark circles called under the eye.Apply a small amount of sweet almond oil under the eye and gently rub the area.Stay this step before sleeping and leave the almond oil under the eyes until the next day, then wash your face with cold water.Follow this meth

2 simple ways to get rid of blackness under the eye

od every day until the black auras disappear and the sweet almond oil can be replaced with vitamin E oil available in pharmacies.Rose water: the properties of rose water are incredible in the process of lightening the skin and preserving its luster and healthy appearance. It also relieves the skin of pigmentation and rests the eye.Give cotton balls in rose water for several minutes, then put them on the closed eyes for fifteen minutes.Take this route every day for several weeks or until the black problem is solved under the eyeGet rid of blackness under the eye with vegetablesVegetables that help to get rid of blackness under the eye:[2]Option: It is characterized by open skin properties at the same time, and it is solved by the dark problem under the eye, and the eyes give comfort and recovery. [3]Cut the cucumber into thin slices, put it in the refrigerator for thirty minutes, then put it on the eye for ten minutes.Mix an equal amount of cucumber juice and lemon juice, then unhook cotton balls in the mixture and grease the desired area. To whiten the face completely, leave the juice on the face for fifteen minutes, then wash it off with cold water.Follow this method daily for at

3 Get rid of blackness under the eye with vegetables

least a week.Potatoes: a natural white potato for the skin and dilute puffy eyes.Spread a small pulp of potatoes and put them in a colander and extract the liquid.Put a few drops of rose water and cover a liquid cotton ball and put cotton balls on the eyes for fifteen minutes.Follow this method twice a week until you get rid of the dark circles, and this method can be used to whiten the entire skin and unify its color.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to get rid of blackness under the eye

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