How to get rid of dry skin

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How to get rid of dry skin – “Contents1 healthy skin2 ways to get rid of dry skin3 ways to protect your skin from dehydration4 referencesSkin healthThe skin is a mirror that reflects the beauty of any woman, as it is one of the most important ingredients of beauty, so care must be careful and preserved and stay away from anything that causes damage to this skin, given its severe sensitivity, it needs attention and care especially. [1]Ways to get rid of dry skinAs a result of climate change, the skin is exposed to many changes. In summer, the skin is more vulnerable to hot blame, and due to the increase in heat and humidity bikes, the skin is exposed to dryness and skin itching , while in winter, the temperatures are also low and humidity, without exposing the skin to the sun needed, the skin becomes more vulnerable to dehydration, peeling, skin infections and other damage. There are several ways to take care of the skin, get rid of dryness and make a beautiful skin: [2]Clean the skin well and it is recommended to use natural soap to clean the skin; Because it does not contain preservatives that harm the skin.The proper choice for refreshments and products used to moisturize the skin and make sure that they con

2 Ways to get rid of dry skin

tain vitamins necessary for the skin and antioxidants to protect the skin and that these moisturizers contain pure vegetable oils that penetrate the skin.Avoid hot water when bathing or cleansing the skin; because hot water removes the vegetable oils in the skin, drying it out.Follow a specific system before going to bed, using moisturizers and creams at night, which gives the skin freshness in the morning.Eat meals containing vegetable oils and vitamins, especially omega -3,; Because we are necessary for the moisture of the skin and its protection against dehydration.Take a full shower water; Because unfiltered water contains many salts and minerals that cause dry skin.Drink large amounts of water, because of its effect in maintaining the moisture of the skin, and helps it resist germs, pimples and spots that may appear on the skin and gives the skin soft, fresh, smooth and vitality.Ways to protect the skin from dehydrationThe skin can be protected from dehydration on the following household routes:The use of olive oil is one of the best treatments for dry skin, work to remove and clean makeup well, and get rid of the itching of the skin as a result of dry skin, and it is recommen

3 home ways to protect the skin from dehydration

ded to use it before applying moisturizer; Because it works as a nourishing layer for the skin. [3]The use of natural exfoliation that is done in homes, free of any industrial material, there is a natural recipe consisting of: half a cup of yogurt, and a quarter of a grain of avocado ground well, and the yogurt is mixed with avocado , then the mixture is applied to the skin and left for a quarter of an hour, then rinse the skin well. [4]ReferenceWas the article useful?

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How to get rid of dry skin

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