How to get rid of the dark hands

1 Avoid exposure to sunlight

How to get rid of the dark hands – ” Contents1 Avoid sun exposure2 Medical creams3 Use a potato and onion mask4 Aloe vera gel5 referencesAvoid exposure to the sunYou should stay away from exposure of hands to harmful sunlight, because it is considered the best way to preserve the hands, and prevent the appearance of dark spots, and blackness, so it is recommended to use sunscreen before exposure To the sun, and in general, the older a person gets, it increases the percentage of damage caused by sunlight. [1]Medicine creamsThere are types of medical creams that help to whiten the hands and get rid of their darkness, because they are characterized by effective peeling properties, which helps to get rid of dark spots on the hands, such as those containing hydroquinone, which can be obtained without a recipe in general, it is better to choose creams with less concentration, such as creams containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid, which rids the skin of the dark top layer. [2]Use potatoes and onionsPotatoes and onions contain natural skin whitening materials, which are rid of dark spots hands, where onions contain flavonoids (English: flavonoids), which is one of the anti-oxidants, in addition to anti-inflammatory sub

2 Medical creams

stances, and the under The mask can be prepared by following the steps below:ingredients:Half a grain of onions.Half a pill of potatoes.How to prepare and use:Raw potatoes and onions are cut into small pieces.Mix the ingredients together; To make a thick paste.Distribute the mask on the hands and leave 10 to 15 mines until it dries.The hands are washed with plain water, then a moisturizer is distributed.The recipe is repeated once a day, and the darkening of the hands will be noticed in just two days.Aloe vera gelAloe vera gel helps to soften the skin, improve its tissues, also purify the skin, open the hands and leave it free of defects, it contains antioxidants, in addition to mucopolysaccharides that moisturize the hands, improve their flexibility and use it by following The following method:instructions for use:Aloe vera gel is placed on the hands with a massage.The gel on the hands is left overnight.The recipe is repeated daily for a week.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Use potato and onion mask

4 Aloe vera gel

How to get rid of the dark hands

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