How to get rid of the effects of pills

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How to get rid of the effects of pills – ” Contents1 Skin pills2 Eliminate skin pillsacneSkin pills are one of the most skin problems that many people suffer from; It is considered as one of the annoying problems that often cause psychological pressure to the injured, and this problem does not end with the treatment of pills; It usually leaves visible traces of drilling or dark spots. Many people resort to the use of cosmetics to hide these effects, but it is better to treat the effects of pimples using natural recipes that do not harm the skin, but rather increase their freshness. In this article, we will mention some natural materials that can be used to get rid of the effects of pits.Getting rid of skin pillsCoconut oilCoconut oil is one of the most nutritious oils for the skin; Where it supports the skin with the elements and minerals it requires to treat scars and regenerate skin cells, as it has an important role as a moisturizer, and thus treats the cracks resulting from dry skin. It is possible to use coconut oil by applying single drops on the fingers and massaging it on the area with light circular movements until the skin absorbs it and is used daily to give effective results.LemonadeLemon juice contains elemen

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ts that help rebuild collagen in the skin. Vitamin C is also used as a whitening substance, so it treats the effects of acne, especially dark spots caused by pills. It is possible to use lemon juice daily by putting it using a cotton ball on the effects of grains, leaving it for ten minutes, then washing it off with water.It is possible to mix lemon juice with a little rose water to relieve it if the skin is sensitive, and the sun should not be exposed when applying lemon to the skin because it increases the sensitivity of the skin to the sun.Natural honeyHoney is one of the moisturizing substances of the skin; therefore, its use to treat the effects of pills is a good idea, and to get the results of using honey, the original honey, not processed honey, is placed and a small amount of honey is placed on the effects of the effects of the Grains and left for half an hour and then washed with warm water, and the honey is used three times a week.Aloe veraAloe vera has many therapeutic benefits for the skin; It treats damaged tissues and regenerates cells, which leads to the treatment of pits and spots caused after the disappearance of the grains, and the aloe vera plant is abundant in

nature, so it is good to use it instead of relying on the medicines made from them. To treat the effects of the seeds, we take a leaf of aloe vera and divide them horizontally to get the gel that is inside, and put it directly on the pimples, and leave the gel on the skin for thirty minutes, then wash it with water, and it is possible to repeat the process twice a day to get quick results.Potato juicePotatoes contain several elements that help to treat the effects of grains, as they contain starch that opens dark spots, and it is possible to easily use potatoes by squeezing them and applying juice on the infected places of the skin and leaving it for an hour. Everyday .Was the article useful?

How to get rid of the effects of pills

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