How to get rid of the face blisters

1 Medical treatment for facial blisters

How to get rid of the face blisters – ” Contents1 medical treatment for facial blisters2 honey and cinnamon to remove facial blisters3 Methods to prevent acne4 referencesMedical treatment for facial blistersThere are several medical ways to treat facial blisters, and they are as follows: [1]Use medications, skin care preparations that do not require a prescription.Lasers that reduce pimples and improve skin health.Facial injection with collagen, taking into account that the effect of this injection is temporary, so the face must be constantly injected to prevent its appearance.Chemical peeling, which works to apply an acid solution to remove the upper layers of the face and reduce deep scars.Honey and cinnamon to remove facial blistersThis recipe removes acne, renews skin cells and can be prepared by following these steps: [2]ingredients:One teaspoon of cinnamon powder.Two teaspoons of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Moisten the face, wet a little, then put the mask on the face and grains.Right for at least 10 to 15 minutes.The face is washed with warm water, then the usual moisturizer is placed.This method is repeated daily for results.More honey can be added if the mixture was consistent.Methods to prev

2 honey and cinnamon to remove the face blisters

ent acneThere are several things and tips that should be followed to prevent acne, and they are as follows: [3]Not exposure for long periods of time to the sun.Avoid anxiety, tension, psychological and pressure, as this aggravates the face.Do not touch the pills, nor eliminate what is inside when they appear.Wash your hands constantly before applying cosmetics or creams, and you should choose the appropriate makeup for the type of skin, good quality and avoid products containing oil in particular.Avoid frequent washing of the face more than twice a day with acne soap and warm water.Makeup should be removed before going to sleep so that facial blisters do not appear.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Methods of preventing acne

How to get rid of the face blisters

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