How to get rid of the habit of biting nails

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How to get rid of the habit of biting nails – “Contents1 Habitual nail biting2 How to get rid of the habit of biting the nails3 damage caused by nail biting4 referencesUsually biting the nailsMany women are a bad habit, biting the nails, as a result of various reasons related to the tradition of others who practice them, or reasons related to psychological and nervous problems such as anxiety and tension, in addition to a feeling of boredom, So you practice this habit to empty anxiety as an anxiety, and it can be caused by a feeling of remorse as a result of a certain verb or behavior, and the worst is that it is an attempt to get rid of an excess and important part of The nails and give a disturbing sense of its existence, so how can this habit be eliminated and what damage is caused by its practice. [1]How to get rid of the habit of biting the nailsUsually, biting nails are one of the annoying habits that are hard to get rid of for people; But in this paragraph, we will explain you how to leave this habit and get rid of it:[2]You should always keep your nails trimmed; Because cutting and cold nails prevent the process of biting them, except that this bad habit will lose you the beauty of your nails, so remember that it is on

2 How to get rid of the habit of biting nails

e of the most important characteristics of femininity that you must preserve.Try to paint your nails with nail polish or ordinary nail polish, because these powders are usually bitter and avoid that you put your hand in your mouth and try to bite your nails, because you can grease your fingers with a bad material such as aloe vera, for example , or even with the handicapped.Put your hands in Vaseline and let it dry, because this step can prevent you from putting your hand in your mouth and biting your nails.Try to see me to stop this bad habit, for example, you want to put on your hands beautiful nails.Try to fill your free time with activities and hobbies that you enjoy, such as writing, drawing or basketball.Place carrot slices when you feel you need to bite your nails or chopped cucumber, as well as gum.Put on the industrial nails, so you refrain from biting your natural nails and allow them to grow naturally.Put the tape on your fingers, to prevent you from biting them, if it doesn’t help you before.The damage caused by nail bitingOne of the damages resulting from the nail biting habit:The exercise of this bad habit also leads to psychological and physical damage, including the

3 damage caused by nail biting

hands, especially the tips of the fingers are swollen.It is possible that the skin surrounding the nails can bleed and is therefore different infections, so the risk of various germs of viruses and bacteria is moving from the fingers to the mouth, so the opportunity to develop many diseases such as cold is greater.The bite of the nails leads to affect the health and appearance of the teeth; Because the teeth are the one that mainly performs this habit, in addition to the problems and distortions that the nails are exposed to them, so that they send the shyness and embarrassment and bad anxiety and psychological psyche of the person who exercises them.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to get rid of the habit of biting nails

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