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How to get white skin – ” Contents1 white skin2 tips for white skin3 How to get white skin4 referenceswhite skinMany people want to lighten their skin tone for many reasons, hiding the damage to the skin caused by sunlight. Changing the color of the skin is permanently and once possible, and this can be done by lightening it with a few degrees through the use of natural or chemical means. Before resorting to these options, you should think carefully about what you are putting on your skin and consult a doctor if possible. You can also try home remedies, use skin brightening products or adhere to a good skin care protein to achieve this result. [1]Tips for white skinFor white skin, these tips should be followed before resorting to any treatment, which are:[2]Sleep: sleep is one of the main factors that contribute to skin whitening, as sufficient sleep with morning exercises makes the skin sweat, which leads to the opening of pores. To have fresh skin, it is advisable not to sleep late at night. Early and adequate sleep is one of the golden rules to get a beautiful skin.Facial cleansing and moisturizing: this step is necessary to get light skin, as it works to remove dead skin cells, get rid of the makeup l

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ayer and other harmful factors such as dirt, oils, bacteria and others. The face can be cleansed with an aromatic oil or with cream, then wash the face with a proper wash, and after that it is necessary to moisturize the skin daily, this is also an important step to get the white skin.Use sunscreen: excessive exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of dark skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sunscreen to avoid sunburn and to protect the skin from the effects of harmful sunlight, and it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a protection factor of 30 SPF and that is when going out. For internal activities, a condom can be used as a protection factor SPF 15.Skin exfoliation: the cells of death cause the appearance of dark and unhealthy skin, so it must be removed by exfoliation, and there are many types of expoliate for the face and body, and natural ingredients present in every home can also be used, and thus obtaining fresh white skin.Eat more vegetables and fruits: eating fresh fruits and vegetables is also necessary to whiten the skin, as water, and can not be distributed in a balanced diet; It contains vitamins and minerals that are important for skin care, which hel

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ps the appearance of the skin with a fresher, attractive and white appearance.How to get white skinCosmetic recipes for white skinWhite skin can be achieved by following the following treatments: [1]The use of whitening creams: which is described only by the dermatologist, because many of these creams can cause skin sensitivity and irritation, as well as the long use of these products leads to premature skin aging; Due to the increased absorption of certain chemical ingredients in these creams into the bloodstream, it is important to avoid products containing harmful ingredients; Such mercury, steroids.On -The – Skin lightening creams: creams can be used to whiten the skin without prescription that contains its components on COGK acid, glycolic acid, orzolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C or arbotin, and you can consult a doctor to prescribe a stronger cream to lighten the skin; In its components, it contains rhinoids, which is the acid form of vitamin A, or an element called hydroquinone.Chemical peeling: It is sometimes advised to dermatologists to use chemical peels to get white skin, by peeling the dark skin, and light detection, and chemical peeling depends on the use of

a concentrated acid solution, placed on the skin by a dermatologist, and works to burn off the outer padded layers. Chemical peeling also helps treat acne scars, brown spots and other skin problems.Natural Recipes for White SkinWhite skin can be achieved by following these recipes:Lemon juice: it has not been scientifically proven that lemon juice opens the skin, but many believe that it has an effective effect in lightening, and its method is:[1]ingredients:One lemon.Cotton.Container.How to prepare:The lemon is cut in half and emerges.Soak the cotton in lemon juice, then rub the area to be lightenedLeave for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water, then always use the moisturizer.This method is repeated 2-3 times a week.Note: If you feel irritation in the skin after using lemon juice, this can be resolved by diluting it with water.Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel is famous for its skin benefits, and most women use it to take care of their skin. Aloe vera contains a compound called aloesin, which opens, softens the color of the skin, makes it naturally and naturally shiny, And it also regulates the production of melanin in the skin. The method is:[2]ingredients:Aloe vera le

af.Sufficient amount of rose to prepare:Mix aloe vera with rose water well to form a paste.Put the mixture on the face and neck, massage gently.Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with water.Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a natural component rich in a mixture of antioxidants and acids that peel, as it consists of beta-carotene, vitamins A and C, all of which help to brighten the skin and increase its freshness. The method is:[3]ingredients:Two teaspoons of pumpkin.Half a teaspoon of honey.Half a teaspoon of to prepare:Cut the pumpkin into several pieces, then boil, then place the blender to get the puree.Mix two tablespoons of pumpkin with honey and milk to make a smooth paste.Place the paste on the face before going to bed and leave it for 20 minutes.Rinse the face with lukewarm water.Repeat these two or three times a week.Note: This mask is suitable for all skin types, and if you have dairy allergies, you can use rose water or aloe vera gel instead.Oats: The best way to improve skin color is to get rid of dead and old cells, to stimulate the appearance of new cells; This is what oats do, because it is the best way to stimulate the appearance of new skin cells, thus

improving the color of the skin; It helps to peel the skin and makes it soft and fresh. The method is:[4]ingredients:A quantity of oats.An appropriate amount of tomato to prepare:Mix the two oatmeal with tomato juice and the mixture is placed on the face.Leave for 20 minutes, then wash with cold water and scrub the floor so that the oats can peel off the dead skin cells.Repeat this daily.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to get white skin

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