How to hide acne for men

1 facial cleaning

How to hide acne for men – ” Contents1 face cleaning2 Avoid shaving3 Exercise4 medical methods to hide acne for men5 tips to treat acne for men6 referencesCleanse the faceIt is recommended to wash the face twice a day using soap and water, or washing the face without face, as this can be used to get rid of skin oils and remove dead skin cells. [1]Avoid shavingYou should avoid removing pimples with shaving, and caution is advised when the beard has shaved so much; Because this can cause the removal of the heads of grains, which exacerbates the problem, redness, infections and, in other words, it is advisable to avoid a laugh as much as possible until the grains are completely gone. [2]ExerciseIt is advisable to exercise regularly; To reduce stress levels, stimulate blood and oxygen to the skin, which prevents pimples from appearing, because it is necessary to take a shower after that; Because sweat is excreted by dirt and bacteria that damage different parts of the body. [1]Medical methods to hide acne for menIn case the home remedies do not find advantage when trying for (4-8) weeks to hide acne for men, it is necessary to review the dermatologist, prescribe appropriate medical treatment, which can be a pres

2 Avoid shaving

cription of antibiotics, or Drugs of benzwell peroxide (English: benzoyl peroxide), salicylic acid (English: salkylic acid) or retinoids (English: retinoid), and the doctor may recommend laser treatment. [3]Tips for treating acne for menWe mention the most important tips to get rid of acne for men as follows: [1]Stay away from touching the face, or other areas of the body exposing acne, because bacteria can leak from the hands to the skin.Wear loose clothes; Because tight clothes hold heat and sweat in the body, which leads to a feeling of stories, causes the skin and the appearance of acne with the result.Keep the hair clean, regardless of its length, washing twice; So that the oils and dirt do not leak from the hair to the neck, face, shoulders and back, especially when sweating, and it is recommended to keep the hair short in summer; To avoid the appearance of pills.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 exercise exercise

4 medical methods to hide acne for men

How to hide acne for men

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