How to hide acne without makeup

1 Medical way to hide acne without makeup

How to hide acne without makeup – ” Contents1 medical way to hide acne without makeup2 natural way to hide acne without makeup3 tips to remove acne4 referencesA medical method to hide acne without makeupThere are many local medical preparations used to treat acne and often do not need a doctor’s prescription to use, including benzoyl peroxide, which closes the pores of the skin, and reduces the growth of bacteria that cause acne. [1]A natural way to hide acne without makeupApple cider vinegar is helpful in balancing acidity in the skin.Ingredients:Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.(2-3) tablespoons baking to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.The mixture is placed on the skin with the help of fingers, for (10-20) minutes, or until the mask is dry.Satisfy the skin with cold water, let dry, then moisturize.The process is repeated once a week.Remarks:The apple cider vinegar must be diluted before applying it to the skin; So, not to curl.The face must be washed well after applying apple cider vinegar; Because its smell is strong.Avoid applying apple cider vinegar around the eyes or on the open wounds of the skin; So that it does not cause burning.It is recommended after following this recipe by applying

2 Natural way to hide acne without makeup

a special moisturizer to treat acne, with a good quality, because apple cider vinegar and baking soda are attached to dry skin.Tips for eliminating acneWe mention the most important tips for eliminating acne:[3]Wash the skin with a special lotion for sensitive skin; To get rid of acne.It is advisable to shower twice a day; In the morning, evening, mainly, it is advisable to shower after exercising using a chemical-free lotion to get rid of the skin cells stuck on the skin due to sweating.Avoid using cosmetics, hair sprays or creams, in case acne appears, as some products can cause the appearance of acne after (1-2) weeks of use, so it is advisable to immediately stop using them for several weeks to get rid of the pills and know the main cause.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 tips for removing acne

How to hide acne without makeup

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