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How to hide dark circles – ” Contents1 Dark circles2 How to hide dark circles3 reasons for the emergence of dark circles4 referencesDark circlesDark circles are the appearance of darkness in the skin, especially in the area under the eyes, so that the color of the skin in this area is darker than the rest of the skin, and this problem is many women and causes their permanent embarrassment, and it is considered one of the most common problems after facial wrinkles. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which dark circles can be hidden. [1]How to hide dark circlesFrom these methods:Do -up: [2]Choosing the right quality cone is suitable for the color of the skin, so that it has the right coverage characteristic and the ability to hide any trace of darkness in this area, placing it on the area under the eyes and gently distributing it either by using the fingers via the tabChoose a composer of the same quality, but with a lighter degree of skin with three degrees; In order to brighten an area around both eyes and give them an attractive view, and apply it with the movement of divers using the Biotti bloom.Install the concealer with the help of dry powder and a special brush and spread it on the lower eyes

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.Natural methods:[3]Work before bed for this area in a pleasant way and in circular motions; In order to stimulate blood circulation and regenerate the cells of this area.Pass the friendly water cubes over this area.Sleep for at least seven hours a day, and special bandages can be used to isolate the light from the eyes and help them rest and relax.Drink large amounts of water.Soak two bags of black tea in a cup of warm water, then filter it well and keep it in the refrigerator for a while, then put it on the lower eyes. This method reduces the swelling and reduction of darkness due to caffeine in this type of tea.Reasons for the emergence of dark circlesAmong these reasons: [4]Genetic, this problem may be the result of inheritance of genes that carry this characteristic.Anemia or what is called anemia; Due to iron deficiency, this darkness appears.Psychology, lack of sleep and frequent stay. This will cause stress to the eyes and the area around them.Sitting in front of the computer or TV screen for long hours, or reading in dim light, which causes stress to the eyes and the area around them.Drinking beverages that contain caffeine in abundance, such as tea and coffee, because caf

3 Reasons for the emergence of dark circles

feine causes a deficiency in vitamins A, E and thus showing circles.Chronic constipation makes this problem appear; The reason is that the blood is loaded with large amounts of toxic gases.To not give the body its daily need for water, and it is estimated at least the cups of cups.Excessive makeup causes fatigue to this area and thus causes the appearance of dark circles.ReferenceWas the article useful?

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How to hide dark circles

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