How to hide facial pills with makeup

1 hide the face pills with makeup

How to hide facial pills with makeup – ” Contents1 Hide face pills with makeup2 Explain medical pills medically3 Get rid of acne pills naturally4 ReferencesHide face pills with makeupFacial pills can be hidden by using makeup, in the following way:[1]Sit in a place with good lighting, especially when you need to hide the pills; It is to clearly check his vision from all angles.Put enough first order on the grains, without exaggeration in its amount; To maintain the natural appearance of the skin, using a hidden brush or a piece of cotton, then distributed it with a finger, and it is best to use green or yellow premiums; To better cover the skin.Put an amount of concealer on the grains using a hidden brush, in an amount sufficient to cover only the grains, and it is advisable to use the admirer that is appropriate for the skin type and color.Mix the blemishes on the skin, in a pretty finger.Put the amount of powder on the makeup to install it throughout the day, using the dedicated sponge without pressure on the skin or rubbing it.Getting rid of acne medicallyThere are many medical topical medications that treat acne, such as: creams, lotions, medical solutions and gel, and are available in pharmacies or health centers,

2 Explining medical pills medically

but some of these medications need a medical prescription, especially to treat acne. [2 ]]Get rid of acne pills naturallyApple cider vinegar contains antibacterials, which remove bacteria causing love of young people, also reduces the appearance of free radicals, and purifies the skin from harmful toxins that cause grains, and also contains alpha hydroxyl acid (English: AHA) that cleanses the skin of the skin; By purifying it from dirt and dead skin cells, in the following way:[3]directions for use:Immerse a small cotton ball in the amount of apple cider vinegar and put it on the grains.Leave the apple cider vinegar on the skin until it is completely dry.Rinse the skin with water and let it dry naturally.Repeat the process daily.Remarks:It is recommended to relieve the apple cider vinegar in the amount of water if the skin is sensitive.It is recommended to add a quantity of aloe vera gel or tea tree oil to increase the effectiveness of the solution.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Naturally get rid of acne pills

How to hide facial pills with makeup

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