How to hide the effects of acne

1 Aloe vera gel

How to hide the effects of acne – ” Contents1 aloe vera gel2 toothpaste3 apple cider vinegar4 tea tree oil5 referencesAloe veraOne of the natural ways to hide the effects of acne is the use of aloe vera gel, because it contains natural properties that help to reduce inflammation of the grains and get rid of the skin of harmful oils, and it is by extracting the gel from 2- 3 of the aloe vera leaves, and then it is placed in electric mixtures to get a soft mixture is placed on the infected areas and stored in the refrigerator. [1]toothpasteToothpaste is used for skin emergency, because it can be used to hide a large pill and quickly because of its effective ingredients such as silica, and it is by applying a small toothpaste on the affected area at night and left until the morning, then The skin is washed. [1]apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is one of the main components that contribute to the elimination of acne and its effects, because it contains natural antibacterial factors, in addition to other factors, the hydrogen level of the skin, and it is by mixing a percentage of vinegar with Three levels of fresh water, and then the face is washed with the resulting solution, and the process is repeated several ti

2 toothpaste

mes a day, and the face should be washed well with water and moisturized to avoid dryness after each time. [2]Tea tree oilOne of the ways to get rid of acne and its effects from the skin is the use of tea tree oil, as it contains several anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties. Studies have proven its ability to reduce acne, and it can be used in that By mixing a quantity of tea tree oil in nine ingredients of water, then a piece of cotton is dipped in the solution and placed on the affected areas of the skin, and the process is repeated 1-2 as needed. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 apple cider vinegar

4 tea tree oil

How to hide the effects of acne

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