How to hide the effects of grains with makeup

1 Covering the effects of acne with makeup

How to hide the effects of grains with makeup – ” Contents1 covering the effects of acne with makeup2 Use Green Concealer3 natural masks to hide acne4 referencesCovering the effects of acne with makeupThe effects of acne can be covered with makeup by following these steps: [1]Mode of action:Wash the skin with washing and straight water.Distributing a moisturizer suitable for the skin type, even if the skin is oily.Distributing the first to the skin to pave the rest of the makeup.Distributing the concealer to the skin, especially to dark circles and areas that contain acne.Roll the skin with a soft sponge to evenly distribute the concealer throughout the skin.Distribute foundation cream to the skin with a brush or sponge.Distribute pressed powder to the skin with a brush to repair makeup and prevent shine.Use of green concealerOne of the cosmetic tricks that can be used to cover to cover the effects of acne, and inflamed pimples are the green corrector, despite its color that may be strange to some, but it is considered one of the color corrections that work to break up the Red Color, and cover it completely, without keeping a trace. For the inflamed scar on the skin, the reason is due to the red, green on the color circle and it

2 Use green concealer

s ability to effectively cover the red color. [ 2]Natural masks to hide acneNatural masks help to hide acne or treat it naturally because of its natural properties, including:[3]AspirinAspirin contains anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be an effective way to reduce acne, but how to use it is the following:ingredients:Three parts water.One part aspirin.One part honey or yogurt.How to prepare:Mix the water with aspirin until a soft paste forms.Add honey or yogurt to the paste and stir until they are homogeneous.Distribute the paste to the area affected by acne and leave it on for half an hour.The skin is wiped with a wet tissue or facial tissue.Aloe vera gelAloe vera gel helps to calm the skin, reduce inflammation of the pimpp For two pieces, or three pieces, and crush the aloe vera gel in the blender, then put the refrigerator until it cools and spread the gel on the affected area and leave until it dries.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 natural masks to hide acne

How to hide the effects of grains with makeup

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