How to hide the veins from the hands

1 consult a doctor

How to hide the veins from the hands – ” Contents1 Seeing a doctor2 Wear loose clothing3 Eat healthy foods4 Get away from pressure on your hands5 Lemon juice recipes6 Aromatic oil recipes7 ReferencesConsultation with the doctorHand veins can be eliminated by using the injection of skin fluid, which is injected by the dermatologist, in order to reduce the damaged and damaged veins, prevent blood flow and thus get rid of the appearance of hand veins. [1]Wearing loose clothingWearing loose clothing helps to make the skin comfortable and breathable, as tight clothing causes pressure on the arm and body areas, and thus causes the appearance of hand veins. [1]Eat healthy foodsA healthy diet and system helps hide hand veins, by eating the following: [2]Foods that contain fiber: foods composed of fiber improve the health of the digestive system and heart health, so it is best to eat a sum of fiber daily at a rate of 30 to 40 grams, to reduce the Appearance of hand veins and prevent constipation, because the problem of constipation it causes bloating, pressure on the veins, and there are many foods that contain fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, chia seeds, flaxseeds, legumes and grains.Antioxidant Foods: There are many antio

2 wearing wide clothes

xidants that work to improve the health of veins and arteries, prevent infections, and these antioxidants include foods that contain vitamin C. Leafy vegetables such as lemon, orange and foods containing flavonoids, which are available in berries.Foods that contain magnesium: foods containing magnesium help reduce blood buildup in the skin, get rid of blood pressure and legs, including: dark leafy vegetables, avocado, bananas and sweet potatoes.Hot foods: spicy foods cause body temperature, improve blood flow, including peppers and curry.Seafood and fish: seafood contains a high percentage of oxyga-3 and fatty acids, and these foods properly improve blood flow, including salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna.Get away from pressure on the handsHand veins can be hidden by avoiding pressure on the hands, greatly reducing the pressure on the arms, making the arms at rest, not to fatigue, and the health of the hands should be maintained when you work, and get a rest by taking a break in times of permanence. [1]Lemon juice recipeLemon contains properties that strengthen the health of blood vessels, to hide the hand veins or varicose veins if called, by mixing a few drops of lemon juice wit

3 Eat healthy foods

h oil from moisturizing oils, such as: avocado oil or jojoba oil, and put it on the hand veins, and gently massage, to get rid of the hand veins. [3]The recipe of essential oilsAromatic oils strive to get rid of hand veins, improving the flow of blood circulation in the body, reducing the change of body hormones, helping them in moderation and preventing infections, and cypress oil is one of the effective oils in curing the problem of veins; By high blood flow to the body, and applied to the veins of the hands, applying five drops of aromatic oil twice a day, for a few weeks, and gently massaging the skin, but if some of the pain occurs in the muscles, A swelling of the leather or the appearance of skin pills, a small amount of diluted essential oils should be applied, such as mint oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 Stay away from pressure on the hands

How to hide the veins from the hands

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