How to install the fragrance on the body

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How to install the fragrance on the body – ” Contents1 Perfume2 How to apply perfume to the body3 tips for choosing and applying perfume4 referencesFragrancePerfume is a means that highlights the personality of the individual and imposes its presence, which is the final aesthetic addition to the outer appearance, but if the smell of perfume disappears after a few of its spray, many may start looking for a way that makes The smell of perfume lasts longer, and we will talk in this article about ways to make it last long.How to install perfume on the bodyChoose the right perfumeThere are many smells and perfumes, so it is best to choose the appropriate perfume that enhances the presence of the individual and its smell lasts longer as you want, and the most important things that are recommended to focus when choosing a new perfume: [1 ]]The concentration of the perfume: perfumes are divided mainly according to the different oils, water and alcohol levels, and the name of the perfume also depends on its concentration. When you are looking for a perfume that lasts as long as possible, a perfume contains a concentration of 15 to 20% of perfume oil, which is called (Eau de Parfum), can choose the broader focus, which is 30% and 30%

2 How to install the fragrance on the body

and is called (English: perfume) which can last up to nine hours.The origin of fragrance: perfumes are divided into different groups, for example, pink, acidic and grassy fragrances can last one hour to three hours, while balsamic and woody fragrances last up to eight hours.Choose perfume spray locationsIt is best to spray the perfume on warm places of the body that stimulate the smell of the perfume to smell, and also sprayed on covered places that prevent the perfume from evaporating quickly and thus make the smell last; Where it is recommended to spray the perfume in places where the arteries are close to the surface of the skin, such as the neck, chest, wings, inside heathens, and behind the ears, and the soles of the knees, and The perfume can also be sprayed on the hair, and it is best that the hair is lazy and wet to keep the beautiful smell for a whole week.Use more than one product for the same smellWhere you can shower with a body, then put on a scented deodorant, spray the concentrated perfume and after half an hour, the diluted perfume is sprayed with water to stabilize its smell, but without exaggerating the frequency of spraying the perfume every period of time, Beca

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use this can disturb others, so the person is often accustomed to the smell of his perfume to the point that he loses it by noting its existence, but it is still clear to others. Using different products that carry the same smell to maintain it for a longer period of time, such as shower gel, moisturizer and perfume, and many products that have a smell are available in the markets. [2]Pay attention to skin typeIf the skin is oily, the perfume can be sprayed directly and will keep the smell for a long time, but if the skin is dry, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer on it first, then sprinkle the perfume on it to repair it Through the cream, where the cream in this method plays the role of the link between the skin and the perfume, and it is recommended to choose the cream does not have a strong smell so that the smell of the perfume does not overwhelm. [1] [ 2]Use VaselineTo add Vaseline a role in protecting and moisturizing the skin; For it can maintain the smell of the perfume for a longer period, and it can be used in this way: [3]A small petroleum jelly is placed in the places where perfume is usually sprayed, such as wrists, behind the ears, neck, chest and others.The per

fume is sprayed on the places mentioned above.It is recommended to avoid rubbing the area as friction can cause the perfume to smell.Tips for choosing and applying perfumeThere are many tips that can be followed when choosing and using perfumes, and we mention:Choose the best place to buy the perfume and make sure that its smell and price for the buyer. [4]Smell the perfume when it is sprayed directly, and then sniff it twenty minutes after spraying it, so the perfume is often a compound of pink or acidic smell and a deep wood smell that appears after the passage of time. [4]Make sure the perfume is not allergic to the skin. [4]The use of concentrated perfumes in winter, because the dry and cold atmosphere will not maintain light perfumes.Use light perfumes with fruits and herbs in summer.Sprinkle perfume on the jacket or heavy clothes in winter and is not satisfied to spray it on the body; Because winter clothes have the ability to hide the smell.Customize a perfume to put it on special occasions and parties, another perfume for work and daily use.Sprinkle the perfume on the body of fifteen cm to get a longer smell.The right smell is placed in the time; Where it is better to use l

ight, delicate, pink and refreshing perfumes in the morning, and in the evening, complex perfumes can be used from several flowers or fruit fragrances, and in the parties and special meetings, exciting and romantic perfumes can be placed .Avoid rubbing the skin after spraying the perfume on; this leads to evaporation and loss of scent. [1]Spray the perfume immediately after showering before sweating, because just starting to sweat loses its distinctive smell, and sweat can cause the perfume smell to equate, and give a mixture of the smell of perfume and sweat together. [1]Spray the perfume more than once during the day instead of spraying a lot at once. [2]Sprinkle the perfume on indoor clothing, perfume hats, scarves and even accessories. [2]Spray the perfume on the hairbrush, then comb it with it to scent the hair without the need to spray it directly, but it should not be overdone, because the perfume contains alcohol that can cause dry hair. [4] [2]Wipe the area to which the perfume is added in large amounts or at close range with household wipes to mitigate it. [4]Make sure the date of the validity of the perfume at each period, and it should be stopped using it when noticing

its color change or smell. [4]Keep perfumes in a dark and cold place, because exposure to heat and light, especially sunlight, can change the chemical composition of the perfume and thus change its smell. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to install the fragrance on the body

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