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1 How to keep hands

How to keep hands – ” Contents1 How to keep the hands2 Recipes for hands3 tips for taking care of your hands4 referencesHow to keep the handsWhile the most important things to follow to take care of the hands: [1]Wear gloves when using chemicals or water, and it is best to wear them when going out in winter, and this is because the cold winter air loses the necessary moisture.Wash hands frequently throughout the day, applying a moisturizer, especially in winter, because the skin is more likely to dry, and the moisturizer should be used daily before going to bed.Massaging the hands, which is one of the most important tips for taking care of both hands.Using sunscreen, because sunlight causes brown spots on the hands, because it causes wrinkles, which makes them older, and for this you must use a cream to prevent its rays.Peeling by hand, the back of the hands can gently use sugar or salt, and then wash them, because peeling removes dead skin cells, and also improves blood circulation, which makes the hands more shiny.Regularly trim the nails once every two weeks.Recipes for handsShea butterDry hands are worse in the morning, as well as in the cold winter atmosphere, and for this shea butter is used to

2 Recipes for hands

take care of the hands and protect them from cracking, and so that the hands are not dry during the morning, they are preferred to massage them with a copious amount of shea butter before going to bed, and it is for 10 minutes until it is completely absorbed.Castor oilOne of the main causes of dry hands is the presence of a large amount of dead cells accumulated on their surface.In such a case, it is necessary to exfoliate the hands.Castor oil can be used with sugar, and after the sugar melted the mixture is used.baking sodaBaking soda is one of the materials that peel the skin, is used to remove dead skin cells and can be used for the hands by rubbing them with baking soda for 15 minutes, then washing and moisturizing the hands.LemonLemon is a cheap treatment to also lighten the hands and feet, because it has acidic properties that whiten the skin, and because it is rich in vitamin C, it is used to exfoliate the hands and get rid of dead skin cells, improve the color of the skin, and can be used according to this method:[2]Method:Sprinkle a little sugar on half a lemon peel.Rub your hands to get rid of dirt and dead cells.Leave the lemon juice on for 10 minutes.Hands are washed wi

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th water.The method is repeated once a week.MilkThe presence of lactic acid in milk makes it an effective whitening factor in skin brightening, and this acid can remove the top layer of the skin, which removes dead cells, as it is the presence of proteins and vitamins that make the skin soft and bright, and is used through these steps:[2]Method:Mix an equal amount of milk and rose water, then add a teaspoon of glycerin.Rub the hands with the mixture until the skin absorbs it and then leave overnight.Hands are washed with cold water in the morning.Repeat the method once a day.Tips for taking care of the handsThese are the most important tips for taking care of your hands: [3]Eat healthy foods, because strong nails need to get vitamins and proteins, and important vitamins need to be obtained, because vitamin B deficiency and calcium deficiency can make the nails brittle and easy to break, and for this you need to eat foods that contain these nutrients.Use nail polish, this to get shiny and beautiful nails.Have a manicure once a month, to clean and massage the hands.Wash your hands with lukewarm water and do not use very cold water, or very hot, because it damages the skin.the reviewe

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How to keep hands

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