How to keep the body clean

1 Personal hygiene

How to keep the body clean – ” Contents1 personal hygiene1.1 Nails1.2 Feet1.3 Skin care1.4 Eye care1.5 General advicePersonal hygieneCleanliness of the body and skin gives beauty, fitness and elegance, and makes the own feeling and positive energy, and proper life interaction, as hygiene is of faith, and if a Muslim calculates the reward for paying attention to himself And takes care of his body, it will be in the balance of his good deeds good and rewards, the device of God, and the cleanliness of the body is away from political pollutants and viruses in dirty places, and maintain the sterilization of the body and hands with The natural disinfectants, which ensure the killing of microbes, the integrity of the body and its health, well-being and permanent joy, these tips were in general, but in detail, you must maintain:NailsHand nails cut the appendages of the nails to avoid the leakage of dust that is attached to the daily activities of the individual and to cut the nails correctly, give it an elegant aesthetic shape.Feel the nails, as they can often be deformed as a result of wearing tight shoes, and take into account when cutting the toenails to not cut the corners of the ends; So that the nail is not impl

1.1 Nails

anted in the finger meat when it grows, and causes pain and perhaps small supplies and furlings, and it is known that the skin of the feet represents a fertile place and a suitable environment for the growth and spread of many types of fungi, which are often concentrated between the fingers and around the nails; This causes many annoying diseases, so the feet must be dried after bathing and especially between the fingers, and we can put medical powder before wearing shoes, in the resulting abundance of perspiration from the feet.FeetThe nets are considered important parts of the body; Because they carry the weight of the body, bear the difficulties and stress of daily movements and help maintain the balance of the body, so it was mandatory to give them more attention and proper care, and attention is to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion that the feet are exposed daily and continuously.Every evening the feet should be placed in warm water for 5 minutes, and medical salts that help to relax, noting that the water is very hot without mixing it with any type of chemical or perfumed soap; Because this harms the feet and helps to dry them, as well as a warm bath helps to soften the a

1.2 Foot

ppendages of the dead skin; This facilitates its elimination, and softening the dry places in the feet can apply a cream rich in vitamin A, which helps to regenerate the cells and revives the skin.It should also be taken into consideration to wear well-ventilated shoes, and do not come from nylon and plastic, and it is not recommended to wear nylon socks; Because this type increases the amount of sweat and prevents its evaporation, and treat fungal skin infection between the fingers or in the feet with itching accompanied by an unpleasant odor, wash the feet 4 times a week with hot water added to vinegar (half A cup of vinegar added to 5 liters of warm water) It benefits from fungi and germs causing itching and odor, and the treatment of increased sweat secretion of the feet is by soaking the feet in dark tea bubbling twice a day for 10 minutes for a few The days, then the density of the tea gradually reduces the density of the tea, because the tannic acid in the tea is useful for drying the skin of the toes.Skin careChamomile and jasmine are used for the softness, freshness and addition of the skin, because essential oils are natural oils extracted from certain parts of plants and

1.3 Skin Care

herbs, and the main purpose is to spread relaxation and calmness in the body, and to give the skin The softness, smoothness and freshness required, and its use is to add 6 to 8 points of aromatic oil, such as: chamomile, jasmine or any desired oil, is used in a hot water bath and not hot; Because the extreme temperature height spoils the effect of the oil, then stir the water with your hands to spread it, then relax in the bathroom water for 10 minutes with the need to close the bathroom door to avoid the leakage of oil vapor with deep breathing.The massage with essential oils should use pregnant oil, such as: almond oil or olive oil, and in order to make a massage for your entire body and give the softness and freshness of the skin, add 15 points of essential oil, such as: chamomile, or jasmine to 50 mm Olson almond oil, essential oils can be used to scent the atmosphere around you, and also benefit from the property of these oils as antiseptic, anti-bacterial and virus, placing one or two points of aromatic, oil in a spray filled with hot water and used to scent the air around you.You must maintain and keep the skin care to be a freshness at all times, and we recommend you to cl

ean the face in the morning and evening with a cleansing liquid, and the use of moisturizers for the skin while keeping an appropriate amount of water per day and keeping the face From the harmful sunlight by placing protective creams during the day and making natural masks made of lemon whites and egg, where the skin gains a light color without spots and freckles while maintaining it twice a week, especially during the summer, and to eat fruit Helps to protect the skin from dryness, sagging and moisturizing the body.Eye careWith the high temperatures in summer, the incidence of eye diseases increases; For the reproduction of flies and the activity of pathogenic microbes, and one of the most important eye diseases that spread in the summer is pus ophthalmology, spring ophthalmia and eye allergies, and purulent ophthalmology is transmitted through direct contact between patients and healthy people , or indirectly through flies that carry the disease of the healthy patient, as well as the use of SUP tools, such as: Towels, towels, sleeping places, covers and pillows.After a short period of keeping the microbe in the eye, the symptoms of the disease appear in the form of a sensation o

f a foreign body in the eyes, tears and redness followed by the appearance of PUS of the eye, and these secretions abound when waking up from sleep, accompanied by a burning sensation and pain in the eyes, while the sensitivity of the eye often begins in the spring and can be simple and can be severe, and the symptoms of allergies and spring ophthalmia are the feeling of Burning in the eye, the feeling of a foreign body or sand under the eyelids, the tendency to leave and scratch the eyelids, redness, tears and sticky mucous secretions of the eye, especially in the corners of the eyelids.And the treatment of allergies and spring ophthalmia is by washing the eyes with pure cold water frequently, and heading to the ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis, and describing the appropriate treatment, which is summarized in objective anti-allergies, and in the mouth and some of the cortisone derivatives that work superficially on the eye and are not absorbed inside the eye. And anti-inflammatory drops and free of coriton, and in the treatment of these diseases, the patient must follow precisely the instructions of the doctor and not repeat the drops without guidance from the doctor.General a

dviceTaking a daily bath is an important necessity not only for the purpose of cleaning or cosmetic, but also a sense of freshness and vitality, and for the stupidity of some undesirable problems, such as the abundance of sweat, which causes unpleasant odors to invade Microbes and fungi for abundant sweat areas, such as the armpits, and the use of hot water when the bathroom is running and avoid using hot water; Because it can expose the skin and skin to dehydration, with the use of natural and chemical-free soap, and to maintain the cleanliness of the body, and get rid of toxins and problems, doctors and healthy doctors recommend doing the appropriate massage for each character , romantic personality massage is different from the tense personality massage or love of life or shy, and the market for witness massage operations is unprecedented; For the need of continuous maintenance, special care and permanent hygiene, and massage is the only direct way to overcome the nervous tension, and facilitate the flo

How to keep the body clean

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