How to keep the skin

1 skin and factors that affect it

How to keep the skin – ” Contents1 skin and factors that affect it2 ways to maintain skin3 foods that improve skin health4 foods that harm the skin5 aloe vera gel recipes to improve skin health6 referencesSkin and factors that affect itEvery woman wants to free the skin from all defects; Because clear skin is one of the signs of the beauty of the girl; This helps a lot to give beauty and attractiveness. One of the main indicators that predicts the health of your skin, and you can use many skin care products, but instead you can resort to easy and simple natural methods, where you can prepare them at home, to keep your skin and make them healthy. Follow this article to know about these methods. As for the factors that greatly affect the health of your skin, it is: stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition, environmental pollution, damage from ultraviolet sunlight and excessive smoking. [1]Methods to preserve the skinYou should pay good attention to your skin; by taking care of it, it delays aging and prevents many skin problems. [2] So some ways to keep your skin:Protect yourself from sunlight: always use sunscreen, wear the clothes that protect you from the sun and sometimes avoid exposure to the sun between t

2 Ways to preserve the skin

en o’clock in the morning until four o’clock in the evening; Where its rays are very strong at these times. [2]Avoid smoking: smoking shows your skin older than it is, as it helps the appearance of wrinkles, as it increases the risk of skin cancer, so it is better to reduce it. [2]Reduce the duration of the shower: water throughout the shower periods to rid your skin of the natural oils that produce it; Therefore, it is best to reduce your exposure to water, and it is recommended to use warm water instead of hot. [2]Avoid strong soap: as strong soaps and detergents work to rid your skin of natural oils; Therefore, it is recommended to use light detergents. [2]Wet your skin: moisturize your skin and it is still wet after washing, and use that of the types of moisturizing creams or butter intended for the body. [3]Peel your skin: peel your skin once a week; Where peeling works to rid your body of dead skin cells that have accumulated, and thus your skin will become soft as silk. [3]Use the right makeup: it’s fine if you put makeup on your face, but make sure you use the right type for your skin, and you shouldn’t forget it before you go to sleep; So as not to cause your skin damage.

3 Foods that enhance the health of the skin

[3]More than drinking water: you should drink water in large quantities estimated at 6 to 8 cups, equivalent to 240 ml per day; Where water makes your skin younger, brighter and fresh. [3]Foods that improve skin healthThere are certain types of healthy foods that are recommended to eat a healthy skin, and although we mention some: [3]Fruits and vegetables: more than eating vegetables and fruits, because they contain many benefits that you offer to the body and skin; Indeed, it contains many vitamins and anti-oxidants, and examples are the following:Avocado, which helps to moisturize the skin.Carrots, which helps to improve the skin layer.Pumpkin and kiwi, which help soften the skin.Tomatoes, which help protect your skin from sunlight damage.Leafy greens, such as spinach.Sebaceous fish: We advise you to eat oily fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerl; it is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to make your skin look purer and more beautiful, protects it from aging and the sun, and improves its elasticity.Dark chocolate: Some people may think that eating chocolate is unhealthy, but it contains many benefits if consumed in moderation and only 15 grams; it contains antioxidants

4 foods that harm the skin

that help moisturize the skin, as it helps improve the tissues and appearance of the skin, prevent the appearance of love and protect it from aging.Useful fats: it is normal for you to eat fats, but you need to make sure that it is the useful type. Examples of useful fats are olive oil; since it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, it helps keep your skin looking younger. Other examples of foods that contain beneficial fats include eggs, nuts and fatty fish such as salmon. Foods that contain harmful fats, such as fast food and candy, should be avoided.Foods that harm the skinAt a time when there are foods that promote skin health, there are certain types of foods that harm them, and they work to speed up their aging, and examples of these foods are as follows: [3]Refined carbohydrates.Unhealthy fats.Sugars.Aloe vera gel recipe to improve healthy skinThere are many benefits that Aloe Vera can offer to your skin; It has antibacterial properties that help to kill bacteria that cause pimples, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to calm skin irritation. It also possesses properties, which strive to heal wounds. In addition to that, aloe vera gel helps to moisturiz

e the skin and stimulates the growth of new cells. As follows, we will mention how this recipe works: [1].Ingredients: alwavira paper.How to prepare:Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaf.Put the gel on your face using a cotton ball.Let it dry for half an hour.Wash your face with lukewarm water.Repeat this recipe once a day or several times a week.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to keep the skin

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