How to keep your skin

1 protect the skin from the sun

How to keep your skin – “Contents1 Protect the skin from the sun2 drink water3 tomatoes4 eat red meat5 eat carrots6 Do not smoke7 Sleep on your back8 referencesProtect the skin from the sunThe skin must be protected from sunlight, so it is advisable to follow these methods: [1]Avoid exposure to sunlight during peak hours, which are between ten in the morning and four in the evening.Wear sunscreen, such as: wear long sleeves, pants or long pants, and a large hat.Make sure to use sunscreen, preferably the condom is widely, and the sun protection factor is available for more than 15 hours, and it is advisable to apply it to the skin about 20 minutes before going out, and then put every two hours, And the use can be more than that of the use of water or sweating profusely.drink waterYou should drink enough water, to maintain the health of the skin, because the skin is constantly losing water, so eating water helps to make the skin moist and fresh. [2]Edible tomatoIt is better to eat cooked tomatoes, because it works to make the skin younger, because it contains antioxidants called lycopene, which helps to protect the skin from the harmful sun. [2]Eating red meatRed meat should be eaten in moderation because o

2 Drink water

f its importance for the skin, as it is the best treatment for the problem of acne, and it also contains protein and zinc. The protein in this meat contains a high percentage of amino acids necessary for the skin, such as: brolin and glycine, and the benefit of zinc is its ability to produce a large amount of collagen, which treats skin diseases and has anti-inflammatory properties. [2]Eat carrotsIt is advisable to eat a quantity of carrots, because it contains vitamin A that the skin needs every day. This vitamin is available in orange vegetables, such as: carrots and sweet potatoes, which helps preserve the skin and regenerate damaged cells. [2]Non-smokerIt should be abstained from smoking and avoid negative smoking, because of its negative effects on the skin, as it damages the outer layer of the skin, and dries it, and reduces the amount of blood flowing into the skin, blocking the blood vessels , which reduces the amount of oxygen and essential nutrients in the skin. [3]Sleeping on your backIt is best to sleep on the back and make the head hear on the body with the help of two pads; This is to maintain the health of the skin, and it is recommended to sleep for a period of less

3 Tomatoes

than seven hours per day. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 Eating red meat

How to keep your skin

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