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How to keep your youth – ” Contents1 Preserve the young2 tips for preserving youthful appearance3 skin care recipes4 referencesPreserving youthWe all try to preserve the skin, nails and hair as much as possible; To look healthier, and this goal does not mean spending a lot of money on products and treatment to achieve this end; Because many people are victims of smart marketing of very unfair products that are not serious in maintaining any of the above, as it can be preserved when consuming a healthy diet and taking enough sleep, and there are several ways to mention in the article that can be followed to preserve the young. [1]Tips to preserve the young appearanceProtection of the skin from the sun: This is one of the most important tips that can be done to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin; Because exposure to the sun leads to the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, as the sun plays a major role in the occurrence of premature aging of the skin, so the skin must be protected from sunlight daily even in winter through the overabundance of shade, and wearing clothes that cover all parts of the body, a sunscreen containing a protection factor of at least 30, Anikon is suitable for the skin and is wat

2 tips to preserve the young appearance

er resistant. Tomato paste can also be used to protect the skin from sunlight; Because it reduces the cases of oxidation in the skin. [1]Washing the face: The face should be washed once a day, unless there are skin problems such as acne, and it is best to wash it before sleeping directly by using a gentle cleanser on the skin; To remove makeup, germs that have accumulated throughout the day, and when you want to have fresh skin in the morning, the face can only be washed with lukewarm water without using the cleanser; Because cleaning the face twice a day, or more, can lead to dry skin, especially sensitive skin. [1]Moisturizing the skin after bathing: moisturizing helps to maintain the natural moisture levels of the skin by keeping the water in the skin or releasing it very slowly, and protects it from dryness and different weather factors. In order to get the best results from moisturizer, it should be used in the appropriate time, within three minutes of finishing your shower. [1]Stress reduction: Cortisol and adrenaline hormone production leads to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and chronic adrenaline and cortisol production leads to heavy losses in physical and

3 Skin care recipes

emotional health; Because it causes physical changes that can accelerate the occurrence of premature aging, and the most effective ways to reduce stress are meditation daily, through the gels of 10 to 20 minutes in a quiet place, closing the eyes, relaxing the muscles, raising the head, neck, shoulder, breathing deeply, and at the end of this, the eyes should be left closed for several more minutes; Because this will allow the daily ideas to flow into the mind with a slow, or perform simple yoga exercises or frequent exercises such as: Running or trying to focus on breathing; To calm all parts of the body. [2]Avoid sitting with negative: especially those who often complain about their age; Until you do not feel that you have been old, and it is better to surround yourself with people who behave like young people, and that you feel good, and in the end, the person himself is the one who decides to make himself old and it will be Limit his activity, or a young man who still has a lot to do. [2]Take omega -3 fat: omega -3 fatty acids found in salmon, nuts and seeds help stabilize the atmosphere, improve bone strength and prevent the appearance of signs of aging by relieving infections

in the body, and omega -3 can improve the ability of body enzymes to use stored fat as energy, which will maintain the health of the body, tighten the skin and when the ability to eat an adequate amount of omega -3 diets, fish oil supplements can be taken. [2]Exercise: especially those anaerobic exercises, because this type of exercise helps to stay longer, younger and can be short, fast and intense, and this type of physical activity can be the strongest to burn calories in the body and fight aging . [2]Traveling is the secret of a healthy mind and heart: so travel should be preserved as an exciting hobby even as I get older; Because it helps to know more about the world and strange regions, and you can benefit from travel to preserve the young when choosing appropriate and interesting places and writing about this trip in the journal book; Because the conviction of these trips will keep memories present and increase the inspiration of others about what I saw. [2]Drink enough water: you should drink at least eight cups of water, because it helps the skin to keep its bitterness to look healthier; Because the lack of water drift makes the skin dry, cracked and less bitter. [3]Follo

wing a healthy diet: such as vegetables rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from premature aging, because the unhealthy diet rich in manufactured foods, repeated carbohydrates and unhealthy fats negatively affect the skin, as it causes early signs of aging and damages the skin fats. [3]Get enough sleep: this allows the body to rebuild skin cells, as lack of sleep leads to the appearance of early signs of aging such as: fine lines and wrinkles. [3]Skin care recipesThere are many home remedies that can be used for skin care, and we mention these treatments:[4]Egg whitesEgg whites are a natural astringent, as it is a good treatment for skin wrinkles.The first method:Ingredients: one white egg or two eggs.How to prepare: whisk the egg whites; To foam, then put it on the face, neck for 20 minutes, then wash off the cold water.The second method:ingredients:1 tablespoon of yogurt.Egg white.How to prepare:Add a tablespoon of yogurt to the egg whites, then whisk well.Put the mixture on the face and neck for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with water.Repeat this process twice a week; To enjoy the glowing skin.LemonLemon helps increase collagen production and restore skin elasticity; It

contains vitamin C and lemon contains astringent properties that help tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.The first method:Ingredients: A quantity of fresh lemon juice.How to prepare:Scoop out the lemon juice, rub it on the face and neck.Keep the juice on the face for 5-10 minutes, then wash off the water and apply the appropriate moisturizer for the skin.Repeat this process twice, or three times a day.The second method:ingredients:Half a lemon juice.One cup of cold water.How to prepare:Add half a lemon juice to a cup of cold water.Put the mixture on the currently washed face, then leave it on the face until it dries naturally.Repeat this process once, or twice a day; For best results.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to keep your youth

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