How to lengthen and whiten nails

1 How to lengthen nails

How to lengthen and whiten nails – ” Contents1 How to make your nails longer2 How to whiten nails3 referencesHow to lengthen nailsThere are many factors that prevent the growth of nails in a healthy way, such as split ends, breakage and brittleness, and to treat this, we mention below the best home remedies to stimulate nail growth quickly and healthy:[1]GarlicGarlic falls under the list of natural home remedies to stimulate the growth, prolongation and preservation of nails, as it contains between its natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial components, and it can be used by cutting a clove of garlic in Half then rub them well and waiting a little, as possible, replace this method with another one by crushing several cloves of garlic to make a paste that is distributed on the nails and left for five minutes, and it is best to repeat this recipe for a week to get ideal. [1]BiotinThe dietary supplement is used to stimulate the growth of nails, prevent it from making fractures and biotin is sold in many warehouses to sell healthy foods or pharmacies, and it should be noted that large doses of biotin should not be taken without consulting a doctor, and biotin can be obtained from its natural sources such as milk, co

2 How to whiten nails

rn, barley, broccoli, avocado, egg yolk, cheese, soy, chicken and fish. [2]Avoid exposure to waterIt is recommended to wear gloves while performing various household tasks such as washing dishes, or when using different types of liquids, to avoid exposing the nails directly to water, maintain their health and prevent them from breaking. [2]How to whiten nailsNails can be whitened and rid of yellowing and dark spots and make them strong healthy by following the following recipes: [3]LemonLemon among its components contains natural bleaching elements, which can help whiten and get rid of yellowing.toothpasteToothpaste contributes to the whitening of nails, and it is by applying a thin layer on the nails and leaving them for 10 minutes, then cleaning the nails with the help of the toothbrush, then cleaning the nails with cotton balls that were previously flooded with warm water, and it is best to repeat this recipe 2 to 3 times in a week for a month to get the best results. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to lengthen and whiten nails

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