How to lengthen nails very quickly

1 moisturizing the nail and the surrounding skin

How to lengthen nails very quickly – ” Contents1 moisturizing the nail and surrounding skin2 eating foods containing folic acid3 Using a treatment to strengthen the nails4 Avoid using industrial nails5 referencesMoisturizing the nail and surrounding skinMoisturizing the nail bed and surrounding area can help nails grow faster and protect them from fracturing, says Margaret Rafeits, a dermatologist at Hackensk University Medical Center in New Jersus, who has a doctorate in medicine: “”If The nails are prone to breakage, that is, it may mean that it needs moisture, as the application of oil around the skin of the nail to moisturize the whole nails helps, ensure its protection against breakage and division. “” [1]Eating foods that contain folic acidEating foods containing folic acid (vitamin B9) is prohibited from damaging the body’s neurons and maintains the integrity of red blood cells, and it is considered the best vitamins for nail growth, and as the body produces in limited amounts be obtained from foods such as red meat, cheese, fish and soy products supported by folic acid. [2]Use of a nail strengthening treatmentThere are many treatments in pharmacies and specialized cosmetic stores are available in pharmacies, a

2 Eat foods that contain folic acid

s these treatments help to strengthen the base of the nails, improve its growth and give it moisture and natural shine, and they are available in the form of creams and vaccines ( serum), but creams are more ideal for use, they can be used twice a day in the morning and evening, with the use of the hand cream. [2]Avoid using industrial nailsResearchers have found that regular use of artificial nails applied by Glue can weaken the growth of real nails and make them more vulnerable to breakage, so resorting to natural nail polish with nail coloring can be a better option for nail health, provided that the nail coloring does not contain chemical pastes weaken the structure of the nails, such as formaldehyde, toloin and dipotylete (DBP), and replace them with nail polish is based on water on water. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Using a treatment to strengthen nails

4 Avoid using industrial nails

How to lengthen nails very quickly

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