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How to lengthen nails – ” Contents1 nails2 foods to strengthen nails3 natural recipes to lengthen nails4 factors that cause weak nails5 referencesNailsNails are usually made of dead tissue, and this explains why we do not feel pain when cutting our nails, and it should be noted that strong and shiny nails are a sign of beauty, and it should be taken into account that integrated healthy food is necessary to maintain the health of the nails, their strength and beauty, because it should be noted the nails are the last parts that get food in the human body, and if a person suffers from a deficiency in nutrition, the nails will need Special care, otherwise they will become brittle and break quickly, so eat a healthy diet and integrated is one of the most important factors of the strength of the nails, and in this article we will talk about the foods that must be consumed to get strong nails, and we will talk about some natural mixtures that are used to lengthen the nails. [1]Foods to strengthen nailsThe commitment to a healthy diet is useful for the human body in general, and there are certain types of foods that are beneficial for the health and strength of the nails, and we mention of these foods:[1]Beans of

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all kinds, which are one of the rich sources of biotin, which is a type of B vitamins, which is important for the health of the nails in general, because it prevents breakage, and it should be noted that biotin can cause dryness in the nails , and can also slow down its growth, in addition to this, biotin deficiency can turn the color of the nails into black.Pumpkin seeds, because they contain zinc, which plays an important role in building and strengthening the immune system, in addition to the formation of connective tissue, because zinc regulates the ability of the body to make the proteins needed to build nails, while its deficiency can cause the appearance of some white spots on the nails.Broccoli, because it contains iron for the health of the nails, it increases the amount of white blood cells and the level of oxygen, especially in fragile and pale nails.Milk, which contains calcium needed for nail growth and can cause nail thinning.Eggs, which contain large amounts of protein, so they strengthen the nails that consist of keratin protein, so they need protein to improve their health.Carrots and contain vitamin A necessary to give hardness and life to the nails; In order not

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to look dry and improve the shape of the nails.Tomatoes, which contain biotin and lycopene, as well as vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps to grow nails, maintain their health and natural shine.Banana, which contains potassium, silica, zinc and vitamin B6, helps to improve the shape of nails and improve them.Water, eating enough water protects the body from dryness, as is the case with nails, and a person should eat 8 to 10 cups of water a day.Sweet potatoes, which contain beta-carotene compounds, which the body can convert into vitamin A, which is essential for nail growth; For its deficiency can cause dryness and brittleness in the nails.Natural recipes to lengthen the nailsThere are many natural nails to get strong, long and beautiful nails, including:Coconut oilCoconut oil is a good nutrient for weak and fragile nails, because saturated fats work in coconut oil as a moisturizer, and to show how they are used, the following is followed:[2]ingredients:A quarter cup of hot coconut oil.A little lemon juice.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well.Soak the nails in the solution for 10 minutes before going to bed.Wear gloves overnight for satisfactory results.Repeat this pro

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cess for several weeks until nails become healthy and strong.Tea Tree OilTea tree oil helps to treat weak nails, especially when the weakness of the nails is caused by fungal infection; As tea tree oil has purified, infection resistant properties, and it is used by: [2]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil.A few drops of tea tree oil.How to prepare and use::Mix vitamin E oil with tea tree oil.Rub the mixture into the nails and massage gently for several minutes.Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes.Wash the nails with warm water, then dry and moisturize with a moisturizer.Repeat this method twice a day for a full month.Olive oilOlive oil is one of the excellent treatments for weak nails, and is an excellent moisturizer for nails, in addition to restoring fragile and broken nails, to become more powerful and fresh, and is used by: [3]ingredients:3 teaspoons of olive oil.One teaspoon of lemon juice.How to prepare and use:Put the amount of the mixture on a small piece of cotton and put it on the nails.Wait for the mixture to dry on the nails, then wear cotton gloves and keep them on overnight.Use this method before going to bed.Wash the nails with lukewarm water in the morning.Or

ange juiceThe importance of orange juice for nails is that it contains vitamin C, which helps produce collagen that works to strengthen and preserve nails, and is used by: [4]Ingredients: one orange kernel.How to prepare and use:Ocefinch of orange, put the juice in a bowl.Soak the nails in the bowl for 10 minutes, then wash them.Moisturize nails after you finish this.Repeat the process once a day.Factors that cause bad nailsThere are many factors that can lead to bad nails, making them brittle and easy to break, and these factors are:[2]Age.Long-term and long-term use of nail polish.Continuous exposure to water.Certain diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, eczema or others.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to lengthen nails

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