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How to lighten the eyes – ” Contents1 lightening around the eyes2 recipes to lighten the area around the eyes3 tips to lighten the area around the eyes4 medical treatments for dark circles5 referencesLightening the eyesDark circles and spots under the lower eyelids are a common problem in men and women, as they appear in the form of dark circles accompanied by swelling that make a person look older than his or her real life, and they are more common in The elderly, and people who are genetic, and those who have dark skin, they are more vulnerable to pigmentation around the eye, and it should be noted that most cases do not require medical attention, but there are several easy ways to solve the problem spots around the eyes. [1]Recipes to lighten the area around the eyesThe grated potato juice recipePotatoes contain a natural whitening property, as it helps to lighten the area around the eyes and prevent their swelling, due to the effect of starchy materials that help to relieve the swelling and containers under the eyes, and its method is:[2 ]ingredients:Two graves of refrigerated potatoes.A piece of cotton.Cold to prepare:Peel the potatoes using the grater.Extract the juice from grated

2 Recipes to lighten the area around the eyes

potatoes.Soak a piece of cotton in potato juice for one minute, then put it on the dark circles while closing your eyes.Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash the eye with cold water.The recipe continues to postulate for several days.Sweet potato and apple juice recipeThis method is very effective in treating dark circles and cysts under the eyes, and its method is:[2]ingredients:Two tablespoons of non-local apple juice.Sweet to prepare:Cut the sweet potatoes into slices.Blend the sweet potatoes with apple juice in the blender until the mixture becomes smooth.Apply the mixture to the area around the eyes and leave it on for ten minutes.Wash the area with cold water.Repeat the recipe daily.Potato, honey and olive oil recipePotatoes help to regenerate under the skin, maintain the basic moisture to reduce the effect of dark circles, and their method is:[2]ingredients:1-2 teaspoons of virgin olive oil.1 tablespoon of honey.One small to medium to prepare:Peel the potatoes, then mix them with honey and olive oil, to make a soft paste.Apply the recipe to an area under the eyes.Leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes.Wash the skin with lukewarm water.Apply the recipe twice a

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week.White potato and lemon juice recipeThe mixture of potatoes and lemon juice is an excellent mask to treat dark circles under the eyes, as each of them contains a natural whitening feature that helps to lighten the skin under the eyes, remove spots and blemishes, and its method is: [2 ]ingredients:White potatoes.Four tablespoons of lemon juice.Two cotton balls.Cold or plain to prepare:Cut white potatoes into slices.Add lemon juice to potatoes with water and mix well.Strain the mixture into a bowl and place it in the refrigerator for half an hour, then remove it from the refrigerator.Soak cotton balls in the juice, then put them on the area for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash the skin with cold water and dry it.Potato, lemon juice and peeled almond recipeThese components together help to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and their way is:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of grated potatoes.A few drops of lemon juice.Three to five grains of peeled almonds.A little fresh cream.A piece of wool.Hot milk.How to prepare:Grind almonds with cream, lemon juice and grated potatoes to a smooth mixture.Apply the mixture to the skin and leave it for a few minutes to dry.Wipe the area

4 medical treatments for dark circles

with a piece of wool soaked in warm milk.Repeat the method regularly to eliminate dark circles.Tips for brightening the area around the eyesIt is necessary to take advantage of some tips to reduce and treat dark circles, and from these tips, the following: [3]Get enough sleep: 7 to 8 hours should be obtained daily to reduce the appearance of dark circles, and use an extra pillow or pillow to elevate the head so that the fluid does not accumulate in the eyes.Take Allergy Medication: In case of seasonal allergy symptoms that may cause swelling of the eyes, allergy medication should be taken to control their symptoms.Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins: you should focus on leafy vegetables, iron-rich foods, calcium, vitamins and avoid common allergens, such as: peanuts, wheat, egg white, sugar and salt.Stay away from alcohol: Because alcohol dries the skin, reducing it improves the appearance of eyes and bloating.Stop smoking: Smoking weakens collagen and contributes to wrinkling of the skin, so dark circles appear more clearly.Wear sunglasses: to protect the eyes, with the use of sunscreen before going out, and repeat its use every two hours.Use of a skin lightening cream: it is recom

mended to use creams containing ingredients with properties to lighten the skin; Such as soy and citrus, as it helps to lighten dark circles and treat dark spots.The use of retinol for the skin: it helps to increase collagen production, strengthening the skin under the eyes, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles, and it is used up to 12 weeks to achieve satisfactory results.Massage the area with gentle pressure: by applying massage in circular upward motions, which leads to push the accumulation of fluid outside the tear, this causes the color change, reduces the appearance of dark circles and swollen eye.Medical Treatments for Dark CirclesSome medical treatments are available to treat dark circles and under eye spots. These include the following methods: [1]Chemical peeling to relieve pigmentation in the eye area.Laser surgery to regenerate and tighten the skin.Remove excess fat in the area.Medical tattooing.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to lighten the eyes

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