How to lighten the face

1 How to lighten the face

How to lighten the face – ” Contents1 How to lighten the face1.1 Cucumber mixture1.2 Tomato and lemon mixture1.3 Banana mixture1.4 flour mask1.5 Tomato and flour maskHow to lighten the faceMost girls dream of a shiny and soft skin, but you also like to keep these specifications away from harmful and expensive skin preparations in most cases, do not worry because the solution is inside your small kitchen, and you have probably heard of many The blenders that whiten the skin, and I think you’re tired of their experience without benefit, what you bring today is completely different, and that’s because the mixtures that we will show you will guarantee the ideal result since its first use.Mixture of cucumberCrush a love of the cucumber plant completely until you have cucumber powder, add three tablespoons of rose water, then add the same amount of glycerin, and after mixing these ingredients well, grease them on your skin at night and leave it Until the morning the next day, then remove it with cold water and dry your face by gently lifting the towel on it, you will notice that the result will be much better than expected than the first use.Tomato and lemon mixtureTomatoes are characterized by their properties t

1.1 Cucumber mixture

hat help to brighten the skin, so we recommend you take advantage of them to the maximum, and in this mixture, crush medium tomatoes, then add three teaspoons of lemon juice, use this mixture on your face for Thirty minutes, daily before each shower, to get a white and softer skin, and get rid of dead cells since the first day of use.Banana BlendThis recipe may be surprisingly simple and easy, but a banana mashed on your skin daily for half an hour will get you the fresh, light skin you’ve been dreaming of as quickly as possible.FlourMix two tablespoons of almost white flour with a small amount of turmeric, then add milk to this mixture and knead the mixture well to get a thin paste, but if you have oily skin, we advise you to add a few dots of Lemon juice to this mixture, then grease the paste on your face and neck and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes, when you feel that it has dried completely, leave it from your face, then wash it with cold water.Mask of tomato and flourMix two tablespoons of flour with two or three tablespoons of tomato paste, make a coherent paste from this mixture, then grease it on your face and neck and leave it for about fifteen minutes, then you was

1.2 Tomato and lemon mixture

h your face well.Was the article useful?

1.3 Banana mixture

How to lighten the face

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