How to lighten the skin quickly

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How to lighten the skin quickly – ” Contents1 skin lightening2 skin lightening methods3 natural recipes for quick skin lightening4 tips and instructions to lighten the skin5 video recipes to lighten the skin6 List of referencesSkin whiteningMany females seek to try to lighten their brown complexion to achieve a light white skin color free of dark spots with an even color, and there are many reasons leading to tanning of the complexion; Such excessive exposure to sunlight or certain medical conditions, environmental pollution, stress and stress, dry skin, or due to frequent use of cosmetics rich in chemical compounds, and there are several ways to get a clear skin, there are medical methods by consulting Dermatologist, or by resorting to home recipes using natural materials, these methods will be discussed in detail in this article. [1]Ways to lighten the skin wellThe most important ways that the dermatologist can quickly resort to the skin, as in the following points: [2]Use whitening creams, with the need to stay away from creams that contain hydroquinone or mercury; Because it can harm the skin and cause its dryness, in addition to that, it can lead to premature aging and signs like wrinkles.The use of arbotin cr

2 methods of lightening the skin well

eam extracted from bear bear, and it is characterized by it helps to effectively lighten the skin, in addition to that, it helps to get rid of dark spots and sunburns.The use of retinol, which is the natural form of vitamin A, is used to treat the damaged skin and helps to stimulate the splitting of the skin, which leads to the regeneration and exfoliation of the skin, in addition to this encourages an increase in collagen production and splitting activity, which makes it capable of reducing wrinkles and brightening the skin.The use of the whitening serum, a substance that contains 70% of the active ingredients, and is characterized by that it can reach deep into the layers of the skin, to help the skin restore its moisture and flexibility, in addition to relieving excess oils in it.Microdermrabrancy, so it uses a piece of wood in which the skin peeling skin; this is to remove dead and damaged cells and unwanted dark spots.Peeling the skin from the body (English: dermabray), so that it uses a special tool for exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin, in addition to relieving the appearance of acne and dark spots.Chemical peeling, in which exfoliation solutions such as alpha hydr

3 Natural recipes to lighten the skin quickly

oxy acid are used, and this type of peeling is the most preferred; This is due to its effectiveness in shedding blood and brightening the skin, in addition to its ability to get rid of pigmentation and other skin defects.Eating vitamin C, where there are many ways to eat doses, can take it orally or take it topically on the skin, it is a natural alternative to skin whitening products, in addition to making the skin more elastic, and has the ability to get Rid of its problems and make it brighter.Natural recipes to quickly lighten the skinRecipes that help to lighten the skin quickly, and these are some recipes:Mixture of cedar and milkRice is characterized by its many benefits that accumulate to the skin, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays and helps to fight against premature aging and signs of aging, as it makes the skin whiter, smooth and healthy, and this mixture is prepared by following the steps below: [3]ingredients:Half a cup of rice.Three or four tablespoons of liquid milk.How to prepare and use:Grind rice until flour or rice powder is obtained.Mix the flour with milk to make a paste.Place the paste on the face and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.The face is washed wit

4 tips and instructions to lighten the skin

h warm water and dried well after the period.This is repeated two to three times a week for best results, and it should be noted that if the skin is sensitive to milk, it can be replaced with rose water or plain water.Aloe vera and rose waterAloe vera gel contains a compound called alosin, which controls the production of melanin dye in the skin, as well as its ability to lighten the skin and make it more fluid. [4]ingredients:Aloe vera plant paper.An appropriate amount of rose water.How to prepare and use:The ends of the cabinet are cut from the aloe vera gel.Mix the gel with rose water until a paste is obtained.Place the paste on the face and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.A light massage is performed for several minutes, then wash the face with water and dry well after the period.Almond oilAlmond oil is characterized by many essential vitamins; Such as complex B vitamins, vitamin E, as well as minerals and fatty acids, almond oil is effective in eliminating wrinkles, spots and whitening of the skin. [4]ingredients:Five or six drops of almond oil.* One egg.How to prepare and use:The egg whisk well, then add drops of almond oil.Mix the ingredients well until a smooth texture is obtain

ed.The mixture is placed on the face and left for 12 to 15 minutes.The face is washed with warm and then cold water and dried well after the end of the period.OptionOption is characterized by its holding properties that help to fill and narrow the pores of the open skin, as it contains cooling properties that calm the skin, is a source of vitamin E that works to bind the skin, and option is used to brighten the skin by following the steps below: [5]ingredients:Option.How to prepare and use:Crush the cucumber seeds until the juice is extracted from it.The cucumber juice is placed on the face and left until it is completely dried.After that, wash the face with water, then dry it well and a little honey can be added to the cucumber juice.Repeat the option on the skin twice a day for best results.Orange peelOrange peel is characterized by its large amounts of vitamin C, and it has the ability to treat the skin from the effects of sunburn, in addition to protecting it from free radical damage, brighten the skin and get rid of blackheads scattered around the nose area. [5]ingredients:Orange.Wood powder sandal.How to prepare and use:Peel the orange, dry its skin under the sun until it bec

omes brittle, then the skin is ground for a soft powder.Mix the powder with sandalwood powder and water until a paste is obtained.Spread a thick layer of paste on the face and let it dry.Wash the face with a well of water and dry after the period is over.Tips and tricks to lighten the skinThese are some tips and advice that will help to lighten the skin quickly: [6]The need to apply sunscreen on the skin daily, as frequent exposure to sunlight stimulates the body to produce the melanin dye responsible for making the skin color dark, in addition to causing skin strikes such as burns, and sometimes skin cancer, and it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a high factor degree (SPF).The need to avoid smoking, as smoking plays a major role in the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines and other damage it causes to the skin.Be sure to drink more water, at a rate of 6-8 SEAPLS. Water works to replenish the skin, which helps melt cells and allow for cell regeneration.Be sure to eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients needed by the skin, such as the vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables; Especially those that contain vitamins E, A and C, and nutritional supplement

s can be taken instead, especially supplements that contain flaxseed oil, grape seed extract or fish oil, which is a rich source of omega -3, which is necessary For the health of the skin, hair and nails, and here it is worth mentioning the stay away from excessive consumption of fatty foods that contain rich calories.Make sure to take care of the skin by cleaning and peeling it constantly, so that it is recommended to clean the skin twice a day in the morning, and again in the evening period; This is to get rid of accumulated oils and dirt, and it is essential to moisturize the skin permanent, but it is advisable to do it more than once a week to get rid of dead dead skin cells to lighten the skin.Video recipes to lighten the skinTo learn more about the recipes to lighten the skin, see the video. [7]BibliographyWas the article useful?

How to lighten the skin quickly

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