How to lighten the skin

1 home recipes to lighten the skin

How to lighten the skin – ” Contents1 home recipes for skin brightening2 tips and advice on how to use skin brightening recipes3 skin whitening products4 warnings use skin whitening products5 referencesHome recipes to lighten the skinHome qualities to lighten the skin:Yogurt, lemon and flour maskYogurt, lemon and flour mask is a way to lighten dark spots on the face, due to the content of lactic acid which is a natural skin inspection factor, and the content of lemon vitamin C which helps to reduce skin pigmentation and flour is characterized by a natural scrub for the skin that helps to eliminate hyperpigmentation, [1] this mask is prepared and applied by following the steps below: [1]Ingredients:The amount of yogurt.An amount of lemon is equal to the amount of yogurt.Quantity of flour.How to prepare and use:Add yogurt and lemon and mix together.Gradually add flour and mix the ingredients each time until the texture becomes like paste.The mask is distributed to all parts of the face, neck and other areas to brighten in the body.Leave on for 30 minutes.It is rinsed off with water.Apple cider vinegar maskAcetic acid in apple cider vinegar reduces skin pigmentation and reduces acne, and is used by following t

2 tips and advice on the use of skin lightening recipes

he following: [1]ingredients:An amount of apple cider vinegar.An equal amount of water.How to prepare and use:The ingredients are mixed as an important step to relieve apple cider vinegar.It is placed on the face with a clean cotton ball.Leave for two to three minutes and then rinse the area.This mask can be repeated once or twice a day.Aloe vera gelAloe vera helps to brighten the complexion as it contains chemicals that promote this, such as alusin and aloewine,[2] it also reduces pigmentation caused by the sun in addition to many other benefits, where the following mask can be applied to achieve them Benefits:[3]ingredients:Equal amount of aloe vera gel.Equal amount of turmeric.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients until the mixture becomes firm and distributed on the face.The mixture is placed on the face.Leave for 5 to 10 minutes, and the period of leaving it on the face should not exceed 20 minutes to avoid the appearance of reverse results.The face is rinsed well after the end of the specified time and left until it dries by itself.The appropriate moisturizer is applied to the skin.As for those who ask how to lighten oily skin, this mask is suitable for them because it c

3 skin whitening products

ontains turmeric, which increases the glow of the skin and opens it, and it has antibacterial properties. [4]Milk MaskThis mask can be followed as a way to lighten the brown skin because milk contains lactic acid, which is peeled off for the dull and dead skin cells, which stimulates the appearance of a new healthy layer of skin, and it also has strong whitening properties, And this mask can be prepared by following the following: [5]ingredients:One tablespoon of milk powder.Spoon or two tablespoons of orange juice.One tablespoon of colloidal oatmeal.How to prepare and use:All ingredients are mixed together until smooth.The face washed well with the appropriate wash.The mask is spread with the fingers on the face and neck.Right the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.The areas are washed with cold water.It can be applied once to a week.Rose water and starch maskMany people ask how to whiten the face naturally, and rose water and starch mask is one of those options; Because it helps to lighten and whiten the complexion, and it can be prepared by following the following: [6]ingredients:1 tablespoon of starch.1 tablespoon of rose water.1/2 tablespoon of white honey.How to prepare and use:Mix

4 caveats use skin whitening products

the ingredients until a mixture is obtained with a smooth texture.The mixture is placed on the skin for 20 minutes.The skin is rinsed with warm water after the time.Tips and advice on the use of skin lighting recipesAlthough the materials used to prepare the masks at home are natural materials, adherence to the following tips for use and following the advice is important to avoid any possible damage resulting from the use of the natural mask:Clean the skin and hands before applying the mask.Use of natural products that are not old or expired and purchased in reliable stores.Commitment to the duration of the application of the mask on the skin to avoid any damage resulting from misuse.Uncover the mask on a small, hidden part of the body and wait 24 hours to ensure that the mask does not cause allergies or unwanted side effects such as itching or redness.Skin whitening productsSkin whitening products:Skin whitening products that require a prescriptionSome people may resort to certain whitening products that require a prescription because they are strong and can negatively affect the skin, and it is stated that it usually contains one of the following components: [7]Hydrocinone.Corti

oroids such as hydrocortisone.Skin whitening products that do not require a prescriptionSome may resort to the use of skin whitening products that do not require a prescription, in which case you should make sure that the product before buying it and avoid products that do not contain information indicating their components, in addition to not using products containing hydroquinone, Corticosteroids or mercury, as can be used, whitening products made of completely natural materials but may not obtain any results, as it may have side effects depending on their components. [7]As for how to use bleaching products, it is as follows: [7]Use the lowest effective amount from once to a day and only dark areas.Avoid putting it in the areas around the eye, mouth or nose.Wash your hands well before applying the cream or with a clean cotton pad.Avoid touching the treated area to another person’s skin for a few hours after using a bleach.Use sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful rays.Warners uses skin bleachOne of the warnings required when using cosmetics:The possibility of mercury sensitivity.It is best to avoid the use of a mercury bleaching product; When the use of this product is impro

perly leads to the emergence of undesirable side effects, the most important of which are the following: [7]Detecting the skin and the appearance of scarring on it.The color of the skin changes very slight or very dark.Correct in many organs such as kidneys, liver or nerves.Frying deformities if used during pregnancy.The appearance of pimples on the skinSome lightening products can damage the skin, which leads to the appearance of scars and open ulcers on its surface, causing pain accompanied by redness that is difficult to control. In addition, acne is common as one of the potential side effects to using lightening products because it contains steroids. [8]Exposure to DermatitisThe chemicals inside the whitening products are responsible for the occurrence of undesirable side effects, such as hydroquinone, corticosteroids and mercury [8], for example, the use of hydroquinone cream to whiten causes temporary exposure to contact dermatitis, a condition characterized by mild skin irritation accompanied by itching, redness and sensation.The risk of developing a renal syndromeNephrotic syndrome is defined as a kidney disorder that causes damage to the small capillaries responsible for t

he freshness of blood, which causes the burden of internal organs, including the kidneys, which leads to its damage and infection of membranous nephropathy, which ultimately leads, to kidney syndrome. [11]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to lighten the skin

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