How to liquidate my face from the effects of the grains

1 baking soda to treat youth scars

How to liquidate my face from the effects of the grains – ” Contents1 baking soda to treat scars for young people2 How to use baking soda for scars for young people3 medical methods4 Tips for treating acne5 referencesBaking soda to treat scars for young peopleBaking soda is characterized by many beneficial characteristics of the skin, including:[1]Skin Eparling: The peeling helps to get rid of dirt, oils and dead skin cells, thus reducing the appearance of acne scars.pH balance in the skin: that maintains the natural percentage of acidity of the skin, which is 5.5, which helps to prevent the appropriate environment for the appearance of bacteria and cause various skin problems.Anti-inflammatory: it reduces irritation and skin scars and contributes to its discoloration.Collagen production: encourages baking soda in the production of collagen, which has a role in the growth of new skin layers, get rid of dead layers and fill the scars.It reduces the secretion of oils in the skin: this prevents the formation of the resulting youth.It cleanses the pores: this prevents torture; this is due to the removal of dead skin cells.How to use baking soda for scars for youthEffective bread soda to get rid of the effects and scars of acne, and the method

2 How to use baking soda for youth scars

is:[1]ingredients:A quantity of baking soda.A small glass bowl.Method:Baking soda is placed inside the glass bowl to maintain caution.A quantity of baking soda is placed directly on the affected areas.Leave for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash the skin properly to get rid of it.The method is repeated regularly; To get rid of acne scars.Medical methodsSome medical preparations can be used and without a prescription in the treatment of acne, such as benzoyl peroxide, which is used in the treatment of mild acne, because the principle of its work depends on the destruction of bacteria that cause acne, and it needs A period of at least four weeks to observe the result, and it should be used regularly, but the sudden cessation leads again to the return of acne, because its use does not affect the amount of skin production of oils and sebum, and the skin Follicles are, and it is also available in several forms, such as a cream, medical preparation, lotion, gel and skin cleaning materials and one of the negative effects of its use is that it can cause dry skin, and white spots on the tissues, so be careful when using it and put an old shirt on the bed or your chest when you are used. [2]Tips for tre

3 medical methods

ating acneThere are many tips that limit the appearance of acne, including:[3]Take anti-androgen medication; Reduce the male hormone (androgen) in the body; Because this is the cause of increased sebum production, which causes acne, and it is advisable to see a doctor about this.Wash the face regularly without excess, use mild soap and warm water and avoid hot water.Avoid using harsh exfoliants on the skin.It is advisable to apply makeup that contains water on water, which indicates that it will not help to fill the pores of the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 tips for treating acne

How to liquidate my face from the effects of the grains

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