How to maintain the body

1 Stay away from smoking

How to maintain the body – ” Contents1 Stay away from smoking2 Sleep3 Exercise4 drink water5 referencesStay away from smokingTo preserve the body, you must abstain and get away from smoking, because smoking is associated with many problems that affect a person, such as: cancer, lung disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, blindness and mouth diseases, and There are many methods that can be used to stop smoking such as gum or medications designated for this. [1]sleepFor the preservation of the body, you need to sleep enough, as the lack of sleep: weight gain, increased hunger, general fatigue, low blood circulation, inability to concentrate or retain information and increased mortality rate in General, and it is recommended to sleep for a period ranging from 7 to 9 hours per day, and it is advisable to turn off smart devices, television and computer when you were sleeping. [1]exercise practiceTo maintain the body, exercise that contributes to blood circulation naturally, and prevents heart disease, and exercises regularly help to alleviate the risk of stroke, metabolic syndrome, joint infections and protection against infections against certain types of cancer, because exercise helps to Preserv

2 sleep

e the body, especially when you get older and strengthen the bones, and you can take advantage of specific exercises to maintain the bones, such as: jumping exercises, running and brisk walking. [2]drink waterTo maintain the health of the body, it is recommended to drink water mixed with lemon juice every morning, because this will help stimulate the lymphatic system, because it helps to remove toxins from the body and purify it of impurities, maintain the health of the health of The liver, and helps to stimulate the digestive system and helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body, it is recommended to eat about 907.19 – 6803.89 grams of water in the morning and slowly to get its benefits. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 exercise

4 Drink water

How to maintain the body

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