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How to maintain the eye – ” Content1 eye2 useful food for the eye3 tips for maintaining the eye4 referencesEyeThe eye is an important body of the body, because it performs a complex process that ensures the introduction and reflection of light, and then convert it into signals that reach the brain through the optic nerve, and thus the brain gets information that is for the corresponding Scene, and this is known as the process of vision, and without this process, a person therefore falls into total darkness, the safety of the eye must be preserved to enjoy this grace throughout life. [1]Useful food for the eyeEat a healthy diet that contains vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, mineral salts, especially zinc and antioxidants such as selenium by eating carrots, onions, garlic, red meat, fish, olive oil, captivity, broccoli, tomatoes , walnuts, etc. useful for the eye. [2]Tips for maintaining the eyeOne of the tips that must be followed to maintain the eye: [3]The examination periodically to the ophthalmologist every two years for ordinary people, and for shorter periods of time of diabetics, pressure and people over sixty years, and those who belong to a family bearing a history of eye diseas

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es, and some African series, as They record higher levels of blue eyes and examination immediately to the feeling of pain or redness, to stand to the reasons and treat them.Use sunglasses when you leave the house; to protect from the risk of ultraviolet sun.Maintain cleanliness and sterilization of contact lenses if used and change them as soon as they expire, as well as the issue of solutions attached to them.Avoid rubbing the eye hard, wash hands before touching them.Clean the eye with a clean tissue if you feel something.Use proper lighting for the eye and do not read in brightly lit rooms.Resting eyes are every twenty minutes while working, especially on modern devices of the computer, playing on electronic games or reading, being given something far away.Use clean makeup tools, choose good types of makeup, not to use other people’s tools or use products after their validity ends.Abstain from alcohol.Stop smoking; It reduces the percentage of oxygen carried by the blood, weakening the ability of hemoglobin to get along with it, as it narrows the blood vessels, and both cases mean that the oxygen is less than necessary to the eye, taking into account that its blood vessels are v

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How to maintain the eye

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