How to make a body massage

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How to make a body massage – ” Contents1 massage2 How to do body massage3 Benefits of massage4 Stay away from massage in some cases5 referencesmassageIt is customary for people to resort to drugs and painkillers to treat muscle tension and body cramps and pain, but body massage is one of the best treatments for these pains and not only housing, and this massage can be done at home without having To go to treatment centers and pay high amounts, because massage stimulates the limbs works in addition to feeling comfortable and relaxed, which is done by pressing the body using hands or using special machines. [1]How to do body massageThe method is as follows: [2]Hot bath: take a hot bath before starting to massage so that your body becomes more prepared, then spread it well, then bring massage oil to do the massage using and give better results.Neck and shoulder massage: If you feel a headache in your head or your pain in your neck, you just do a simple massage, put your right fingers behind your left ear, then begin to massage gently in a circular motion and continue to massage so that it passes on the left side of the neck and then the left shoulder, and we use the same method with the right side uses the left f

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ingers.Facial massage: Place a little cream from the top of the nose to the forehead far Circularly in each area on a softening and gently, the facial massage works to stimulate fresh blood circulation, avoiding wrinkles and relieves stress.Hand massage: Press with your right fingers on your lower handbag and continue to massage in a circular motion, then gradually move with the continuous massage to the fingers, in the same way with the right hand, the massage renews the activity and relieves the cold and relieves pain and tension and increases energy and extends the muscles of the hands.The abdominal massage: the abdominal massage is very good to alleviate its various pains, especially the pain of the menstrual cycle, as well as it is useful to facilitate the digestion process. The stomach and kidneys also help to eliminate fat and thus eliminate the rumen and lose weight.Back massage: Bring a medium-sized ball to put it between your back and one of the walls of the room, then make the circle from top to bottom, and this is very useful to increase muscle elasticity, get rid of muscle tension, removing Different back pain and back mass also treat chronic back pain.Foot massage: ho

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ld your leg and start massaging them slowly from the top, when you start massaging the toes until it reaches the ankle in beautiful circular motions, then move to the flats of the foot and massage them part of the thumb of the fingers At the ankle, use the same method with the other foot.This is how we made a massage for the whole body without any cost or trouble, and do not forget to continue to do the needs in tight periods to maintain the activity of your body and avoid lethargy, muscle pain, etc. is important to note the massage of the body directly better than massaging it over the clothes to give greater effectiveness.Benefits of massageMassage is generally part of alternative medicine. As studies on the benefits of massage have proven to be an effective treatment to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. Although there is a great need for research to help the benefits of massage, some studies have shown that massage is helpful during the following: [3]The body relaxes from anxiety.Promote body immunity.Helps to treat cancer diseases.Prevent diabetes.Help healthy.Improving heart health.It is based on the improvement and increase of blood circulation.Avoid massage in some cas

4 Stay away from the massage in certain cases

esThere are cases that are exposed to a person that can affect him negatively, so the massage should be avoided or a specialist supervises you to tell you what is best. You have the following cases: [4]If you have a fever.Feeling dizzy and nauseous.If you have bruises, wounds, a rash or severe sunburn.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to make a body massage

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