How to make a cereal mask

1 Natural recipes for removing pills

How to make a cereal mask – ” Contents1 natural recipes to eliminate pills2 instructions when preparing recipes to eliminate pills3 tips to avoid acne4 referencesNatural recipes to eliminate pillsThere are many natural recipes that help relieve acne, pills or so-called blackheads or whiteheads, including the following:Apple Cider Vinegar RecipeApple cider vinegar helps to fight bacteria and viruses that cause acne; In fact, it contains many organic acids, and apple cider vinegar also helps to dry up the excess oil in the skin, which is the main cause of the appearance of grains, and a natural mask for grains can be prepared from the following ingredients: [ 1]ingredients:One part apple cider vinegar.Three parts of to prepare:Mix the previous ingredients.The previous solution is applied to the face with a piece of absorbent cotton after cleansing the face well.Leave on the face for a period of 5 to 20 seconds, then wash the faces and dry gently.This recipe is repeated once or twice a day to get the desired results.Note: Apple cider vinegar can cause skin irritation; therefore, it should be used in small amounts and should be diluted with water.Honey and cinnamon recipeHoney and cinnamon mask is a mas

2 instructions when preparing recipes to remove grains

k for small grains to the face, because honey and cinnamon help to reduce acne; In fact, they contain antioxidants, and therefore this recipe fights bacteria and relieves associated inflammation, and its method is:[1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of honey.One tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make a firm paste.Spread the mask on a clean face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash the face well with water and dry.Tea tree oil recipeSeveral studies have shown that tea tree oil is effective, as a cereal relief mask after using it for almost 3 months, and this recipe helps to fight bacteria and thus eliminates infections, and its method is:[1]ingredients:A quantity of tea tree oil.9 ingredients of water.Cotton Piece.A moisturizer suitable for the skin to prepare:Mix a quantity of tea tree oil with 9 similar ingredients in water.A piece of cotton is dipped in the solution, and the affected areas are wiped with young love.An appropriate moisturizer is applied to the skin type.This recipe is repeated once or twice a day.Jojoba oil recipeJojoba oil contains an adhesive that can help repair damaged skin and accelerate the healing of acne, and st

3 tips to avoid acne

udies conducted on people who suffer from acne are the effectiveness of jojoba oil in improving acne during a period of 6 weeks of regular use, And its method is:[2]ingredients:An appropriate amount of jojoba oil.The face to prepare:Mix an appropriate amount of oil with a face cream.The mixture will spread evenly over the skin.Note: You can enjoy jojoba oil alone, by placing a few drops on a piece of cotton and wiping the face with it.Strawberries and lemon recipeStrawberries and lemon are a natural mask for small pimples on the face, because strawberries have a great ability to treat acne; Because it contains anti-oxidant substances and vitamin C, which helps to heal the skin and reduce infections, while the citric acid found in lemon helps to reduce bacteria and oily secretions. [3]ingredients:Two strawberries.One tablespoon of lemon to prepare:The strawberry is crushed well with a fork or any other tool, and lemon juice is added to it.Place the mixture on the face and leave for 15 minutes.Rinse the mask with warm water.Honey and turmeric recipeThis recipe helps to relieve acne in the body; Honey moisturizes the skin, while turmeric helps to control the secret

ion of oils and anxiety (English: sebum), and its method is:[4]ingredients:One teaspoon of turmeric powder.Two tablespoons of organic to prepare:Mix the honey with well turmeric.The mixture is placed on areas affected by acne in the body and face.Leave for 15 minutes, then wash off well with water.This recipe is repeated day after day to get the desired results.Cucumber recipeAcne can be eliminated by using the option; Because it cleans the pores of the skin and keeps it open, which reduces the possibility of its appearance, and its method is:[4]ingredients:An appropriate amount of cucumber.Electric to prepare:Crush the cucumber with the blender until it becomes a soft texture.Pyrats are distinguished for acne.Leave for 15 minutes.Wash the skin lightly with cold water.This recipe is repeated daily.Recipe for yogurt and strawberriesMilk contains useful substances to calm the skin and hydration, as well as salicylic acid in strawberries, which are known as an effective component of anti-acne products. [3]ingredients:Two strawberries.One teaspoon of to prepare:Crush the strawberries with a fork or other tool.Add the yogurt to the strawberries.Place the

mixture on the face and leave for 20 minutes.Rinse face well with lukewarm water.Recipe for oatmeal, honey and lemonOats are an effective natural component to relieve the appearance of pimples on the skin in general and acne in particular, because it absorbs any excess oils, exfoliates and cleanses its pores, and in the following method:[4]ingredients:1 tablespoon of honey.Half a lemon juice.One cup of cooked oatmeal.How to prepare:The above ingredients are mixed together.The resulting mixture is placed on areas affected by acne.Leave the mixture on the skin for half an hour.The body rinses well.Repeat the recipe once a week.Guidelines when preparing recipes to remove pitsBefore resorting to the use of a recipe that has been mentioned, we note the importance of ensuring that there is no allergy to any of these components, and in case the person does not know that he is sensitive to it, he should try A small amount of the recipe on a small part of the skin, then wait a short period, if the skin appears in a red color, he should avoid using the recipe, but if the skin color remains as it can directly Using the prescription on the face, it should be noted that it may be necessary to

use medical methods to treat acne in some cases, and we note that the treatment of acne on the face varies depending on the medical condition, so you should Consult a doctor to determine the appropriate treatment, whether it is a topical treatment or oral pills.Tips for avoiding acneThere are a set of tips that should be considered to avoid the appearance of grains such as acne in addition to using natural recipes, including the following: [5]Keep the face clean: the face should be washed twice a day; Get rid of impurities and excessive oils from the skin and dead skin related skin.Severely avoid exfoliation of the skin: as this can irritate the skin and inflammation.Moisturizing the skin: as many therapeutic acne medications cause dry skin, take care to select a moisturizer that is oil-free and suitable for the skin type.Avoid using oils for hair: for fear of reaching the face and closing the pores of the skin.Wipe makeup off before going to sleep: as this can lead to a blockage of the skin pores if the makeup contains in its ingredients oils.Avoid touching the face with your hands as much as possible: for fear that the bacteria move there and be careful not to touch the pills.Avo

id exposure to the sun as much as possible: because harmful sunlight, such as UV rays, can increase skin infections, so it is advisable to avoid its rays from 10-2 back.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to make a cereal mask

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