How to make a cream for the skin at home

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How to make a cream for the skin at home – ” Contents1 skin cream2 Prepare a natural skin cream at home3 skin care tips4 referencesSkin creamsIt has become difficult to find a single cream that provides complete skin care, as creams are divided into several types, some of which specialize in skin whitening, and others used to reduce the effects of aging, in addition to the presence of the presence of some of them to combat dark circles and reduce their appearance, With a number of natural home ingredients, which can be used to make natural skin creams, such as aloe vera gel and glycerin, as well as vitamin E oil that can be easily provided to home and other ingredients that will be discussed in this article. [1]Prepare a natural skin cream at homeNature is abundant with many natural ingredients that concern the beauty of the skin and treat its various problems, and these components are as follows:Green tea to eliminate toxinsThis cream eliminates impurities and the effects of pollution on the skin, because green tea helps to remove impurities from it, while cabbage throws the skin to restore its health, and the method is:[1]ingredients:1 teaspoon of green tea extract.1 tablespoon of almond oil.One tablespoon of rose water.O

2 Prepare a natural skin cream at home

ne teaspoon of essential oil.1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the beeswax and almond oil in a double kettle, and the mixture is boiled well until the wax dissolves.Remove the mixture from the stove, then add the remaining ingredients and mix well.The cream is used overnight on the skin.The cream is kept in a bottle to be used when needed.Aloe vera for acneAloe vera is one of the active ingredients to treat acne, get rid of skin blemishes and nourish it, to make it soft, fresh and younger, where this cream is prepared at home and is used daily on the skin, and the The method is:[1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.One teaspoon of lavender oil.One teaspoon of spring flower to prepare:Mix aloe vera gel with lavender oil, then add primrose.Mix the ingredients well to make a skin cream.It is used daily at night on the skin.Store the cream in a bottle.Cocoa butter for wrinklesCocoa butter cream is the best creams to eliminate wrinkles, and it is characterized by its effectiveness on dry and dull skin, and the method is:[1]ingredients:Two tablespoons of cocoa butter.1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil.1 tablespoon of coconut oil.ho

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w to prepare:The ingredients are placed in a kettle and they are heated until the ingredients are well mixed.The kettle is removed from the stove and set aside to cool.The cream is used overnight on the skin.Store the cream in a bottle.Yogurt to lighten the skinThis recipe contains yogurt, which in turn maintains the moisture of the skin, while honey helps to fight the appearance of bacteria on it, in addition to lemon juice which is one of the natural ingredients used to lighten the skin, which makes this mixture of Effective creams to whiten the skin, and the way is:ingredients:1 tablespoon of regular organic yogurt.2/1 tablespoon of raw honey.Half a lemon juice.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well to make a thick mixture and blend.Place a thick layer of the mixture on the clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes.The mixture is washed over the skin in circular motions; to remove dead skin cells.Repeat the method once a week; for best results.Argan oil to moisturize dry skinArgan oil is light, suitable for dry skin, while emo oil is known as one of the natural biblvenments that help to fix the moisture of the skin and treat it from within, and it is one of

the oils extracted from emo, which belongs to the Soft Species, and the method is:[2]ingredients:2/1 cups of argan oil.2/1 teaspoons of emo oil.6-4 drops of essential oils, such as: lemon oil, orphan oil, rose oil, chamomile oil, marosa oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil or peppermint to prepare:Place the corners of the oil in a bottle, then add other oils and mix well.Melt the skin with the mixture.Jojoba oil or hemp seed oil can be used instead of argan oil.Turmeric and chickpeas for oily skinThese ingredients help get rid of excess oils in the skin, and the method is:[3]ingredients:Two tablespoons of chickpeas.Two to three tablespoons of milk.Sufficient amount of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well; To get a big paste on the skin.The paste is placed on the skin of the face.Leave the paste on the skin for 20 minutes.The skin is washed with water.Gelatin to exfoliate the skinExfoliation of the skin helps to remove dead skin cells, improve skin tissue, restore its elasticity, in addition to reducing the size of pores, fine lines, wrinkles, which has, reducing hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and the method is:[4]ingredients:A box of unsuccessful gel

atin.One lemon juice.One orange juice.One egg to prepare:Heat the gelatin, lemon juice and orange until the gelatin melts.Remove the mixture from the pan and leave to cool.Whisk the egg yolk and add to the mixture.Put a thin layer of the mixture on the skin and neck skin and leave it for 20-25 minutes or dry.The skin is washed with warm water and then dried with a plate with a clean cloth.Rose water and almond oil for dark circlesAlmond oil contains vitamin K, which improves blood clotting, in addition to moisturizing the skin, preventing its dryness, as it balances the level of water in the skin, and also helps to treat balloons and dark circles under the eyes, while rose water helps to lighten the dark areas of the skin and calm its irritation, and the method is:[5]ingredients:Several drops of almond oil.Several drops of rose water.Cotton balls.A small to prepare:The ingredients are placed in the cup and mixed well.The cotton balls are dipped in the mixture and applied to the affected areas around the eyes.Leave the skin for 30 to 40 minutes.The skin is washed with pure water.The method is repeated regularly for a few days for best results.Skin care tipsSkin care

helps to maintain healthy, shiny, which is done by following many steps, and the following number of them: [6]Protection of the skin from the sun: The skin should be protected from the harmful sunlight when leaving the house, wearing protective clothing and using enough sun preservatives on the skin.Do not use harsh products on the skin: and make sure to use mild products on them, while avoiding the use of strong soap that irritates the skin.Control of stress and tension: in order to maintain the recovery and health of the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to make a cream for the skin at home

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