How to make a face cleaning

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How to make a face cleaning – ” Contents1 Facial skin2 How to do facial cleansingskinThe facial skin is exposed to many internal and external factors and effects that affect it negatively, and cause the pallor and change of its natural color, the appearance of scars, spots, pimples, dark signs and different pigments, as well as dryness and peeling and we will mention while the most important ways to clean the face come.How to do a face cleaningHome recipes to clean the faceEggs: eggs contain a high percentage of compounds that purify and sterilize the skin, as they open their color and regenerate, applying its whistle only on the area to be cleaned.Pineapple: A piece of it is rubbed on the area to be cleaned, as it maintains its freshness and gravity.Banana: The skin gives a great glow and slowly slows the signs of aging.Strawberry: It is used as a natural moisturizer and antiseptic for the skin, and helps to clean and shine the skin, and largely reduces the appearance of wrinkles, applying its juice on the areas to be treated.Papaya: It protects against dirt and dust, and moisturizes the skin, by applying its juice on the skin.Apples: Its juice or pulp is applied to the face and left for an appropriate period,

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as it increases the glow and cleanliness of the skin.Lemon: The lemon is used as one of the purified and whitening elements for the skin, applying its juice on the face, while continuing the process.Honey: Honey is used as a natural moisturizer, relieves dust and dirt, and gives the skin a high freshness, as it contains vitamins, minerals and others.Oranges: Oranges contain a high percentage of vitamin C, and helps to shine the skin and increases its freshness, applying a pulp or juice on the skin, and its scales are used for the same purpose.scrubOr sanding the skin, so natural materials for this purpose are used, which remove dead cells and dust that close the pores and cause pimples and spots, and these recipes are a mixture of oatmeal with almonds, mixing the amount of a large spoonful of water with two tablespoons of ground oat kernel powder and one tablespoon of ground almond powder, until these ingredients become a sticky mixture, so they are placed on the face for a period of at least ten minutes, and then wash with lukewarm water.DomesticThe skin of the face is exposed to hot water steam for at least five minutes, as this method is one of the best treatments for skin type

s in addition to oily skin.Using the tonerUsing the toner achieves a state of skin equilibrium, or as it is called in science, pH plant balance.Note: These recipes may not be suitable for certain skin types, such as sensitive skin, or whose owners complain of certain skin diseases, so it is best to consult a specialist before use.Was the article useful?

How to make a face cleaning

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