How to make a healthy massage

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How to make a healthy massage – ” Contents1 massage2 Benefits of massage3 The right time for a healthy massage4 steps to a healthy massagemassageMassage is one of the types of physical and easy treatment methods with a direct effect on the human body and its health, and massage is also known as “massage”, which is a group of movements that are performed with the help of hands, and practiced on the person’s body, bone tissue and muscles, and massage itself of the most common therapeutic means that help get rid of many health problems; It reduces the percentage of fatigue, daily stress and insomnia, as it increases the sense of calm and relaxation, as many medical researches have proved that massage is a natural and sedative treatment method at the same time, and it is also able to recover from many diseases without the need to use medical drugs and other medicines.Massage movements increase the softness and relaxation of the muscles and help to maintain a normal rate of rapid heartbeat, lower high blood pressure and help to eliminate the distracted and disturbed mind, and other studies have shown that this relaxation constitutes the most important and the most important and the most important and the most importan

2 Benefits of massage

t and the most important and the most important and the most important basic pillars of health and vitality of the body, so we will go up in this article to clarify some issues related to natural massage, in addition to how a healthy massage is performed.Benefits of massageNatural massage has many benefits and effects on the physical and psychological health of the body, and the most important of these effects:Supporting the functional performance of the immune system in men and women.Reduce the intensity of asthma symptoms in children.Overweight weight.Treatment of chronic headaches.Eliminate back pain, joints and extremities.Feel relaxing and reducing the feeling of tension and pressure.Rehabilitation of physically disabled people.Take moisture and cold from the body and increase the feeling of warmth.Get rid of excess weight and helps to lift the body.Maintaining the freshness of the skin and reduces the risk of early wrinkles.Treating some paralysis or alleviating their severity.Increasing blood circulation and blood flow to all parts of the body.Open the pores of the skin and eliminate toxins from the body.Get adjustment and flexibility in the extremities of the body.The right

3 The right time for a healthy massage

time for a healthy massageAlthough there is no time to perform the massage, there are many people who are unanimous that the morning and bedtime are the best times to get a calm and relaxing massage session, and it is possible to resort to the use of certain oils To help massage such as sesame oil and olive oil, where it works each one stimulates the body and increases the smoothness and glow of the skin.Steps to make a healthy massagePreheat some oil before starting the massage on low heat, until it warms up to the degree of body temperature without being too hot.We choose the right place to perform the massage, which gives the greatest feeling at ease while reducing the lighting of the place as the room.We remove the clothes from the area to be massaged.We put a little oil in the palm of the hand, then massage the skin with the hand until the skin absorbs the greased oil.We move the hands upward with circular motions on the joints and circular organs such as the shoulders and abdomen.Significantly on the long bones and straight areas such as the stems and neck.We stir both the ears and the scalp, while increasing the amount of oil on the scalp and massaging in a circular manner.

4 Steps to make a healthy massage

We press the thumb of the hand on the soles of the feet while massaging each finger separately.Using the tips of the fingers, we press lightly on the face area and focus on the areas containing wrinkles.We move the cheeks of a circular tug with a moisturizer suitable for the skin type.Mark the back from bottom to top and using the palms of the hands with light pressure with the fingertips on the spine and longitudinal.We take a shower with lukewarm water after twenty minutes that have elapsed since the end of the massage, so that the skin absorbs the largest amount of oil.Was the article useful?

How to make a healthy massage

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