How to make a manicure

1 nail polish or nails

How to make a manicure – ” Contents1 Nail polish or nails2 How to do measurements at homeNail polish or nailsIt is the paint that is placed on the nails of the hands and feet for decoration, and the production of nail polish goes back to China about 3000 BC, where the Ming race made the paint of the mixture of beeswax, egg white, gelatin and vegetable dyes, then moved to Egypt where the pharaohs put the nail polish, and then it spread and spread widely in the nineteenth century and the twentieth century, and Mrs. Elianor Roosevelt placed pure colors on the nail polish, and from that time to The present time, nail polish has become a factor in the beauty factors that characterize women, and beauty companies have become that run in the manufacture of nail polish, and there are now many colors and types that are distinctive in the world of nail Polon, including generation, magnetic toner and nails.How to make measurements at homeTools:Transparent manicure.Shoes Shodes and you can choose your favorite color.Cleaning the ear.Cone-shaped paper, removal or injectable.Method:We open a clear coat box and put the cone sheets inside.We put the eyeshadows on the cone, then let the eyeshadow powder enter the box.Mix th

2 How to make mousics at home

e mixture with the ear stick well until it becomes a smooth and consistent mixture.The oily manicure method with the rose designTools:Dark ocean color.Light pink color.Dark pink color.Transparent manicure.White manicure.Silver or gold beads.Fine brush for microscopes.Ear cleaning.Method:Paint the nails with clear nails.Paint the index and pinky fingers with an oily nickel.Paint the middle fingers and the bench with white nickels.We clean the hand of all appendages on the fingertips with an ear cleaning stick.Grease the little finger with an oily nicker, then put the beads on it with a soft brush and repeat the process in the index finger.We draw on the middle finger and victory by light pink nail the shape of a clear circle.We put a small transparent bag some dark pink nails, then we draw a rose inside the middle finger with a nail brush and repeat the process in the ring finger.We put a small transparent bag some of the oil nails and draw a step of the rose.We put a transparent manicure on the bench and middle finger to add a shine to the rose.Summer manicure methodTools:White color manicure.Mnukher peach color, which is light orange.Blue box.A light pink color.Light purple manner

s.Light green color tends to turquoise.Transparent manicure.Ear cleaning.Method:Paint all nails with white nails.Paint all nails in light pink, blue nails and orange confessions, that is, layers on top of each other.We press the nails in white, so that it relieves the colors.Paint the nails with turquoise green and light purple.We press on the nails in white, so that it relieves the colors.Grease the nails with transparent color until it gives a glow to the colors.We clean the hand of any appendage at the fingertips with the ear cleaning stick.The classic French nunsTools:Clear manicure.White manicure.Soft nail brush.Method:We clean the hands of any dirt or previous humanity.We put the white color on the top half of each nail and let it dry well.By nail brush, we define a straight line on the nails.We put the transparent nails on the rest of the nails.Once the hand is completely dry, we put the transparent nails back on all the nails.Was the article useful?

How to make a manicure

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