How to make a mask to clean the skin

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How to make a mask to clean the skin – ” Contents1 skin cleansing mask2 skin cleansing masks3 steps to cleanse the skin4 tips for maintaining skin health5 referencesSkin cleansing maskThe skin care system depends on its cleaning, taking care to use the appropriate cleanser, to detect its inner beauty, highlight and preserve it, with many commercial detergents, which can harm the skin while using it in the long term, which, which causes the search for natural detergents, which is made with the help of home ingredients, safe and effective to clean the skin, and get rid of the defects and impurities it contains, and this is what will be discussed in more detail in this article. [1]Skin cleansing masksThere are many natural recipes used to clean and disinfect the skin, including the following: [1]Chickpea and turmeric powderChickpea flour is used as a facial cleanser; Because it contains the natural lighting properties of the skin, it helps to lighten dark spots and control oils, in addition to its ability to make the skin healthy, free of pimples, cereals and the method is: [1 ]]ingredients:Two tablespoons of chickpeas.One teaspoon of turmeric powder.One teaspoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well to obtain a

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dense paste and the opportunity.The paste is placed on the skin with a clean brush, and it is left for 10 to 20 minutes.This cleanser is suitable for oily and mixed skin.MilkMilk is one of the natural detergents suitable for most skin types and is used with salt as a scrub, because it removes dead skin cells, nourishes the skin, and the method is:[1]ingredients:Five tablespoons of cold milk.A small handful of salt.A piece of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.The cotton ball is dipped in the mixture and the mixture is distributed on the skin of the face and neck.Leave the mixture on the skin for one to two minutes.Gently rub the skin with circular motions.The skin is washed with water.Cucumber and milkThe option is one of the effective disinfectants on the skin; Where it opens, in addition to its properties to tighten the skin, leave the skin soft, shiny and the method is: [1]ingredients:One cucumber pill.Two to three tablespoons of to prepare:Peel the cucumber and placed in the blender to extract its juice.Add the milk to the cucumber juice and mix well.The mixture is placed on the skin and neck.The skin is washed with cold water and dried in the farm.the hone

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yHoney is one of the gentle ingredients to clean the skin, remove dirt and impurities, with its ability to maintain natural oils, as it contains antibacterial properties and infection, which allows it to provide care, nutrition for the skin and The method is: [1]ingredients:One teaspoon of milk.Four teaspoons of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the facial skin with the brush.Leave the skin for 10 to 20 minutes.This is suitable for all skin types.oatmealOatmeal is a cleaner, peeled cleanser for the skin; Where the impurities are extracted from them, and its pores are cleaned, and the skin is deeply cleansed without damaging it, in addition to containing beta-glucan; Which is strengthened by the speed of the skin, and it is stimulated by the production of collagen in the skin, in addition to it is an anti-inflammatory, and the method is:[1]ingredients:1 tablespoon of milk or milk.1 tablespoon of oatmeal.A few drops of to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Add a little water to the ingredients to make a proper paste.The paste is placed on the skin and neck with circular movements.Beans and raw milkMilk is one of the wonderful detergents of

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the skin, where its pores are deeply cleaned, to get rid of excessive oils, momentum, dirt, oils and white heads inside, and the method is:[2]ingredients:A quantity of beans.A quantity of raw to prepare:Grind the beans in the blender, then add the milk to it.Mix the ingredients well to make a paste.The paste is placed on the face for 10 minutes.Rub the skin with the paste before cleansing for 10 minutes.Lemon and milk juiceThis mixture is one of the effective detergents on the skin, because it strips the skin of excessive oils, and gives a glow, and it is one of the recipes suitable for oily skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:A quarter of lemon juice.100 grams of raw to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the face and hands with a cotton ball for 7 to 10 minutes.The skin is washed with water.Steps to clean the skinThere are some steps that should be followed when cleaning the face at home, which are: [3]CleaningBe careful to wash the skin; To get a bright and shiny skin, using the appropriate cleanser for the type of skin, then dried by staying in it with a soft towel, and some doctors recommend wiping the skin after washing it with a li

ttle milk; This is to prevent the pores from blocking, remove the dirt and impurities that attach to them, while avoiding washing them with hot water; Because this causes it dryness. [3]EvaporationThe facial skin is exposed to steam for five minutes, then gently wipe the skin and the face is rubbed with ice cubes in circular motions; To close the pores and restore the temperature of the skin to normal. [3]PeelingPeeling helps to remove dead skin cells, which makes the skin dull, and a natural peeling can be applied to the skin, such as sugar and honey, mixing equal parts, applying the mixture to the skin, rubbing it for five minutes, and then left for another three minutes before washing it. [3]Moisturizing masksAll skin types need moisturizing masks that make it soft, improve their color and types of moisturizers used differently differently, for example, oily skin needs a moist that absorbs excess oils, such as clay mask, while dry skin needs what moisturizes hydrates , and improves its tissues, such as sandalwood mask and rose water. [3]TonerThis step is important to take care of hygiene, as it tightens the skin, shrinks its pores and some natural ingredients can be used to appl

y, such as cucumber juice and rose water; This is to help maintain the balance of pH levels of the skin. [3]MoisturizerBy applying nutrients to the skin and neck, especially before bedtime; The wids vary according to the type of skin, as moderate moisturizers, free of alcohol, are used for dry skin; To prevent the increase of its dryness, while Benzwell pyroxide moisturizers are used for the most vulnerable skin of young people, and this routine is applied for skin care once a week. [3]Tips for maintaining skin healthThere are many important tips that keep the skin clean and glowing, including the following: [4]Drink sufficient amounts of water; In other words, at least eight to ten cups a day.Drink a few cups of herbal tea, such as: green tea, chamomile tea, ginger and mint.Add vegetables and fruits to the diet.Add coconut water to the amount of fluid the body needs.Reduce daily stress and fatigue levels.Avoid washing the facial skin more than three times a day; because this strips the skin of its natural biotuus and leads to its dryness.Protection of the skin from sunlight; This is to maintain the use of a sun condom, provided that it contains a protection rate of at least 15 deg

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How to make a mask to clean the skin

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