How to make a massage for the body

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How to make a massage for the body – ” Contents1 massage2 make a massage for the bodymassageThe operation of the massive body massage helps to relax the muscles and get rid of various ailments and disadvantages, in addition to calming the body and mind and eliminate tension and anxiety, and to do the body massage in a correct way in a correct way , it is important to lie on a flat and comfortable surface, in addition to using the massage oils after the warning, as it prefers some people hear quiet music during the massage process, to provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere.Doing a massage for the bodyBack massageInstall both hands under the spine of all their stretching and the effect of appropriate pressure on the back with the tips of the fingers attached to each other.Wiggle both hands at the same time and slowly from the bottom of the spine to the above, then direct each hand to the surrounding shoulder area and access it in a circular manner with the force of pressure facing the hand downward back, with a repetition of this for at least five minutes.Install one hand over the other at the bottom of the spine while beginning to make appropriate pressure force on the vertebrae of the spine consecutively until the

2 Make a massage for the body

paragraphs adjacent to the neck.Press with the thumb using the second hand on both sides of the back separately, moving the thumb from the lower areas of the back to the upper ones, taking care to cover the entire space on both sides of the spine.Using the index fingers and thumbs, an appropriate amount of pressure is caused by each section of the spine, starting from the bottom to the top.Stretch both forearms on the back, press it, wiggle them forward, then succeed.Press the thumb on the area of pain and continue to press for five seconds, then stop to rest and return to the pressure until the pain disappears with the gradual increase in the number of seconds.Return to the previous movements in the same order.Foot massageMassage the upper area of the foot with the tips of the fingers for a few minutes, then move to massage the toes from the thumb to the pink, and from him to the bottom of the foot and ankle.Managing the feet for one time clockwise and three or four times is reflected in its movement, and it is important that this is done calmly and carefully.Lift the foot with one hand and use the second hand to massage the bottom of the foot with the thumb, starting from the low

er area of the big toe while gradually moving toward the younger toe.Press the upper area of the man in a circular fashion using one hand.Use both hands to step on the bottom of the foot longitudinally from the upper area downward.Was the item helpful?

How to make a massage for the body

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