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How to make a massage – ” Contents1 massage2 benefits of massage3 How to do a massage4 referencesmassageIn the course of his life, a person exerts muscular and physical effort when performing various actions for the continuation of his life, and as a result of this, he feels muscle and pain and pain, so he resorted to taking drugs and medicines for treatment, but he also resorted to natural methods, which massage or massage is one of them. The massage expresses that physiotherapy through which the body is massaged by supporting obtained, going to the various health centers and carried out by specialized experts or it can be obtained at home by a person who sold in this subject. [1]Benefits of massageThe massage has many benefits and positive, and we mention: [2]Activate the body after fatigue and exhaustion.Incorporate blood circulation.Get rid of pain and muscle and great pain.It provides muscle relaxation.It gives the face and skin freshness, vitality and radiance.How to do a massageIt is recommended to shower with lukewarm water before doing a massage, and it is best to dry the body from the effects of water, then bring special massage oils or olive oil because it has many therapeutic and health benefi

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ts, and the massage is performed as Suit: [3]Neck and shoulder massage: this massage is performed when suffering from headaches or pain in the neck, and the pain is eliminated in this case by placing the fingers behind the ear and gently massaging in circular motions with the descent, and the method is performed for both shoulders and both necks.Hand massage: by pressing the wrist to the hand with fingers in circular motions and gradually moving to the fingers, where this type of massage works to renew the activity and increase energy.Back massage: This is done by starting at the top of the shoulders and graduating the fingers to the bottom with circular movements classified, and this massage increases blood flow and eliminates cramps and pain.Foot massage: using the thumb finger and moving in a circular motion from the top of the foot to the bottom and vice versa, with the uniqueness of making a massage for each finger separately, and pay attention to the place of the foot, ascending and descending gently and gradually to the leg muscles.Facial massage: it is by placing massage oils, olive oil or special creams on the nose, forehead and massage in a circular manner, and the cream

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is placed under the mouth, on the jaw area and on the edges of the cheeks, and this The massage stimulates blood circulation and a sense of renewal, vitality and activity, as it eliminates wrinkles, it restores to the skin its freshness.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to make a massage

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