How to make a natural scrub for the body

1 citrus scrub

How to make a natural scrub for the body – ” Contents1 citrus scrub2 pumpkin scrubs3 peeled coconut, lemon and sugar4 English lemon scrub5 referencesCitrus fruit scrubCitrus scrubs are prepared in the following steps: [1]Spread a lemon seed and an orange seed in a small glass bowl and heat the citrus juice in the microwave until it becomes hot, taking care not to reach a boil.Add a bottle of vegetable gelatin free of any additional flavor, stir the mixture until the gelatin is completely dissolved, and set aside until the texture is smooth and can be used easily.The peeled citrus joke is distributed to the skin and applied evenly, and the leaves for a period ranging from five to ten minutes, then wash the skin with warm water.Dry skin in a pattern, moisturize with a favorite moisturizer.PumpkinPumpkin scrub is prepared with simple natural ingredients by adding a little white sugar, a little brown sugar and a little vegetable oil in addition to the pulp of finely crushed whore, mix the ingredients to obtain a shell of consistent texture and rich in its pleasant smell, then applied to the skin and body. [2]Coconut, lemon and sugar scrubCoconut scrub and sugar scented with lemon are considered to add the following ingredients

2 pumpkin scrubs

and mix them together: white sugar, coconut oil and lemon oil, in addition to pulverize coconut and mix the ingredients until homogeneous and apply the exfoliation on the body, where this scrub is considered to be refreshing with its radical pleasure and suitable for summer days after spending vacations and leisure, and after excessive exposure to the sun. [2]Scotch and English lemonPrepare this type of scrub is pleasant, useful and refreshing to the body to relieve the addition of aromatic herbs as needed, so that lavender can be added to more relaxation, or add thyme leaves to purify the body and purify it, or add rosamary leaves to stimulate the body, and it is best to use English salt to stiffness to its strong ability to deal with the skin, to rid them of dead skin cells, to relieve infections and soften tight muscles, it also contains magnesium sulfide and is considered one of the natural minerals. It is also preferable to use pure olive oil for its benefits in moisturizing the body and the ability of the skin to absorb it without leaving a dense layer of fat, and is used in the ingredients lemon juice peeled for its Benefits in whitening the body and lightening the areas and

3 coconut peeled, lemon and sugar

dark pigmentation, the scrub brings as follows: [3]MaterialsThe following materials are used to make English salt and lemon salt: [3]One cup of English salt.Two tablespoons of normal coarse salt.Lemon juice.Four tablespoons of pure olive oil.One of the natural herbs (lavender, thyme, rosemary).NotEnglish salt and lemon scrub are made by the following steps: [3]Mix the amount of English salt with normal coarse salt.Add four tablespoons of pure olive oil to the salt mixture.Add the lemon juice and stir the peeling ingredients together.Cover the scrub with a tight lid until used.How to useThe scrub is used once a week after exposing the body to steam while bathing, or it can be used as a dry scrub without mogging the body with water, with the need to wash the skin with lukewarm water after finishing the exfoliation and aromatic Herbs or flower buds can be added, or small soft branches of herbs after washing and cleaning, it is best to add herbs after adding lemon juice to salt, mixing the ingredients together, and the amount of oil can be adjusted by increasing or reducing it According to the need of the body to moisturize and soft. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 English salt scrub and lemon

How to make a natural scrub for the body

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