How to make a pink face

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How to make a pink face – ” Contents1 pink groove2 breaks of pink tades3 natural recipes for pink skin4 general tips for preserving skin and its pink color5 referencesPinkPink cheeks are a sign of beauty in women, as they show them younger, as they are also indicated in the health of the body, and all women prefer the beauty of their cheeks to be normal without resorting to cosmetic operations or the use of cosmetics that disappear quickly when they wash them with water as red the other, which can sometimes expose the skin over time to undesirable problems, especially for those who have sensitive skin, and there are several methods and natural recipes that give the skin the pink skin that these women want.Rosary and pink tadesSkin care is the best way to get a beautiful and pink skin, and these are some ways that give the skin the pink color:Make a massage for tades: jojoba oil, olive oil or semoline oil are used to massage the face with fingertips and tanning disc with a softening to move blood circulation to the face and therefore it will be noted that redness and supplies on the cheeks. [1] [2]Wash the face with cold water: Cut pieces of ice in a bowl and wash the face with dissolved water. Cold or lukew

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arm water increases blood flow, and therefore the skin looks more frequent and red, while staying away from the face with hot water . [3]Skin Epleling: The type of peeling is used for the type of skin, and industrial scrubs can be replaced by another natural such as: sugar and oil, because the peeling removes the dead skin that shows the skin dull and unhealthy, maintains the softness and its appearance in pink. [4]Cheek massage with a piece of ice: The skin is rubbed with a piece of ice for 5 minutes, to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, which is reflected in the color of the cheeks. [4]Natural recipes for pink skinThese are some of the recipes of intimate nature to get natural pink skin:Wags and carrots: The skin is rubbed with a mixture of chili and carrots for 10 minutes twice a week, as beets stimulate the production of skin cells. It is also possible to make a natural blush from beets, by boiling it well, then cut it into soft pieces and mix it with coconut oil, and it is best to keep it in the refrigerator to last more than two for two for Three weeks. [4] [5]Snack and rose water: add a quantity of rose water on a little sugar and rub it gently per day. [6]Option:

3 natural recipes for pink skin

Cucumber helps to get rid of dark skin and give cheeks pink color, by cutting cucumber for thick pieces and placed on the face for 10 minutes, then wash the face with cold water and repeat this recipe daily for a week to get pink cheeks. [6]Apple vinegar: Vinegar gives the skin a pink color, as it is placed on a small piece of apple cider vinegar and wipe the face. [7]Blood of December: included in the composition of the gazelle, the leaves of the soil of the soil of the soil, containing a high percentage of protein and iron responsible for giving the skin red or pink, adding a tablespoon of deer powder with a spoonful of rose water and mixed the components well, then applied to the face and leave a stretch of 15 to 30 minutes, then wash the face with water. [8]Lemon, milk, honey and cucumber: mix a quarter cup of lemon juice with 5 tablespoons of milk and 5 tablespoons of honey with a quantity of cucumber cucumber and add a little wheat flour, mix the ingredients well and put in the refrigerator for a period of 5 to 6 hours, then apply the mixture to the face and leave them for a period of 20 minutes, wash it with water. [9]Options and oats: mix a quantum cucumber with a little o

4 general advice to preserve the skin and its pink color

ats and olive oil and apply the face until it dries, then wash with water. [3]Almonds and honey: mix a tablespoon of ground almonds with a spoonful of honey and rub the tades with this recipe for 20 minutes. [3]Honey and olive oil: Honey is considered the secret of Greek beauty, and it can be used to make the cheeks pink by mixing a quantity of honey with a little olive oil and rubbing the skin for 30 minutes a day. [10 ]]Raspberry: The Greeks also used it as an alternative to red embouchures and red lips by rubbing the cheeks with it. [11]Yeast: Mix a little baking powder with a tablespoon of natural honey with half a cup of rose water and leave them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, then the skin is applied with this recipe and left for 20 minutes. [12]Papaya and honey: mix a teaspoon of papaya with a tablespoon of honey and apply the face, and leave for 10 minutes, then wash off the warm water. [2]Drink molasses: pass molasses contains important and useful nutritional elements for the skin, such as: calcium, potassium and iron, and pink cheeks can be obtained by adding a tablespoon of passing throughout the tanning molasses and dissolved in a cup of warm water and IS eaten, an

d it will be noted with the repetition of chicken molasses that the cheeks is that the cheeks is that the cheeks have become a beautiful pink. [13]Drink carrots and apples: mix half of the carrots with half a grain that is an apple with a quarter of a cup of lemon juice, and this drink drink drink in the morning on an empty stomach daily to get pink cheeks. [2]General tips to preserve the skin and its pink colorTo protect the skin and preserve its beautiful pink color that reflects its health, these simple features should be done:Eat healthy foods that contain minerals and vitamins of the skin, such as vitamins that contain vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables. [6]Drink enough water, at least two liters of water a day. Water also provides moisture and softness to the skin and body. [6]Always use sunscreen before leaving the house to protect the skin of the shell from the sun. [6]Always remove makeup. [6]Stop the smoking habit, as it usually harms the skin and makes it pale and dark. [14]Practice grocery shopping and especially morning grocery shopping in open places, or what is meant by practicing outdoor gardening, such as gardens, for example, and avoiding its practice in clo

sed places or in acid clubs, because the flooding stimulates the Blood circulation and this is reflected in the health of the skin and its color [7] [7] [7] [7] [7] [7]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to make a pink face

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