How to make black henna for hand

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How to make black henna for hand – ” Contents1 henna inscription2 black henna inscription3 black henna inscription with vinegarHenna designsHenna design is one of the most beautiful wedding rituals that people have known for a long time, because it indicates joy and joy by the arrival of this occasion, as the people of the wedding and the bride in particular distinguished it, as it is Still a popular phenomenon in many countries of the Arab world, such as the Arab Gulf countries, and Morocco and Sudan, where the bride is decorated before the wedding night, is an expression of joy. There are many types of henna in the markets, including white, dark green and henna that tends to have a dark brown, but the best of them all of Yemeni henna, Saudi Arabia and Shami, it is characterized by its beautiful colors, The duration of its stay on the skin, and one of the most famous types used for engraving is black henna, which we will mention how to work in this article.Black henna inscriptionthe ingredientsFive tablespoons of black henna (sold in Al Attar).Black dye stone.Three clove seeds or half a cup of black tea, coffee or ground pomegranate skin.One grain of lemon.One tablespoon of sugar.A little water if needed.How to pre

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pare the hennaPut all the ingredients except the henna in a deep pot with a little water, then raise it to medium heat and let the ingredients boil for ten minutes.Strain the resulting mixture with a colander with tight holes, or with a piece of gauze.Gradually add the black henna until you have a soft, easily dispensed paste.Cover the paste and let it infuse for two hours.How to make henna stationery* Aluminum foil or clear paper, butter paper, twenty centimeters long and five centimeters wide.Wrap the paper in the shape of a pointed end, then close it and secure it with adhesive paper.Place the henna inside the oppression and make sure to leave a distance so that you can fold the repression to facilitate its use.Fold the end to control the amount of henna needed for engraving.Engraving with vinegar black hennathe ingredientsOne cup of original henna.Half a cup of sugar wheel.Two tablespoons of dried pomegranate skin.One cup of lemon juice, green tea or black gas drink.One teaspoon of ground cardamom.One teaspoon of ground pods.One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.How to prepare the hennaSieve the henna with a small strainer, or with a piece of gauze until you get rid of all the

3 Black henna inscription with vinegar

solid parts of it.Put the henna in a deep bowl, then add the sugar and peel the ingredients well.* Gradually add lemon juice and vinegar, then mix the ingredients together to make a firm paste.Add vinegar, tea or black soda or coffee to the paste, as these materials help to concentrate the color and extend the life of the henna after burning.* Leave the henna paste in a warm place for a couple of hours until stirred. * Add the pods or cardamom to the henna paste, then stir the ingredients well until smooth.Put the mixture in a plastic bag and begin the etching process.Was the article useful?

How to make black henna for hand

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