How to make eye compresses

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How to make eye compresses – ” Contents1 as parts for the eyes2 Work as an eye3 Video Where are the compresses to children?As parts for the eyesAl Ain is a sensitive organ in the body, as the eyes are exposed to many diseases and problems that require work as compulsions, and usually work as eyelashes in case of fatigue and stress due to excessive use of the computer, or When they are sensitive and redness, or swollen eyelids, swelling or ophthalmology, and in cases of viral and bacterial infections, and when there is itching in the eyes, or the presence of bloating under the eyes, and usually cigarettes are Made in fresh water or medical herbs such as chamomile, and sometimes they are used as tea compounds, or as tablets of different types of vegetables and fruits.Working as eye incomeThere are many types of compresses that are placed on the eyes, but they should not be exaggerated and consult a doctor first; To avoid damaging the eyes, as some of the symptoms of eye diseases need treatment for medicines and medical drops, but the compresses are useful in simple cases of disease in the eyes, and one of the most useful and most propagated eye compresses :Cold tea compressesWe put tea bags in hot water and wait

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for it to become cold, then let them turn away from the bitter tea and put them directly on the eyes for five minutes, as this helps to relax the eyes, remove any traces of infections and bloating and a piece of cotton can be placed in cold tea and put them directly on the eye in the same way.While apple juice compressesAn apple is squeezed, then a piece of sterile cotton in the juice can be soaked, and a piece of clean gauze can be used, and placed on the eyes directly for three minutes, as it helps as the apple juice compresses to grant the eyes lustrous and vitality through the juice containing vitamins, as it helps to eliminate the fine lines of wrinkles around the eyes.Like cucumber slicesCut a cucumber seed in the form of slices, and each slice is placed on the eye for fifteen minutes, as the option removes the dark circles around the eyes, to be around the eyes fresher.While the potato juice compressesA medium potato is squeezed in the electric blender, then a piece of sterile gauze is soaked in potato juice and placed on the eyes for a third of an hour, as these compresses are used to relieve the darkness under the eyes and remove the wrinkles.Like cold waterWet pieces of

3 video Where are the compresses put to children?

sterile gauze with cold water and put the eyes directly; To eliminate red eyes, reduce their high temperature, filter their color and close the pores of the skin around the eyes.Chamomile compressesA piece of cotton or gauze is dipped in chamomile filtered of all impurities, and placed directly on the eyes for a quarter of an hour, as these compresses are used to eliminate swelling of the eyelids, treat allergies, filter the eyes and get rid of dark circles.Video where are the compresses to children?High temperature is one of the first signs of illness in children, so how do we treat this with compresses? :Was the article useful?

How to make eye compresses

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